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When horror master Wes Craven brought us Scream in the mid-1990’s, it quickly came to play a critical role in the most recent revival of the slasher horror genre. Its combination of authentic terror and biting satire brought a freshness to a genre that many felt had become tired and derivative.

The famous villain of the Scream films is known as Ghostface, easily identified by his black, hooded robe with long, tattered sleeves and a ghoulish white mask reminiscent of Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream. In the canon of the film, Ghostface is a popular Halloween costume that is readily available at many retail shops. In addition to protecting the identity of the person wearing the costume, it also adds confusion by allowing multiple killers to carry out their crimes behind the same mask.


Halloween Costumes

Deluxe Ghost Face Mask

$12.00 $8.14

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Ghost Face®

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One possible twist on the traditional Scream costume is to get a group of friends and family together and all go as Ghostface, so you can see how quickly things get very confusing.