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Leatherface costumes are inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror films from the 1970’s.  A group of friends were murdered by a family of cannibals, who then proceed to do some ghastly things with the “meat” from their hunts, including selling it as barbeque to unsuspecting tourists. And that’s not even the most horrifying thing depicted in this epic movie. Leatherface, the primary antagonist, slaughters countless people and then harvests their skin to make the masks for which he gets his moniker. Modeled after infamous serial killer Ed Gein, Leatherface is the type of serial killer who will keep you up nights long after the credits have rolled on this classic film.

Not a costume for everyone but it can be a real scary costume at Halloween.

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In keeping with the name of the movie, Leatherface prefers to kill his victims with a chainsaw, as you might recall from the legendary meat hook scene, but he doesn’t limit himself. Any tool or trap is fair game, including a sledgehammer and a wide array of traditional butchering implements.