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Jason Voorhees costumes continue to remain popular costume choices for men and boys at Halloween.  No discussion of classic scary costumes inspired by horror movies would be complete without mentioning the iconic Friday the 13th series. With 12 films and an impressive collection of supporting books, TV shows, and comics, Friday the 13th is the most successful horror franchise ever created, and Jason Voorhees is the brutish murderer that made it all possible.

Jason Voorhees is a massive man with an exceptional ability to endure pain and survive catastrophic injuries. He is known for being emotionless and essentially mute, with no discernible personality. Friday the 13th lore says that Jason drowned at summer camp as a child, but didn’t die, leading to his transformation into a super-human killer.

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Due to his deformed face, Jason took to wearing his now iconic white hockey mask decorated with red triangles. One of his most famous outfits is jeans, a t-shirt, and an open button-down shirt with tattered and torn edges. His weapon of choice is a machete, but any tool will suffice when the situation calls for it. To fully embrace your Jason Voorhees costume, keep in mind that he is of the strong and silent variety, almost never speaking in any of his roles.