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Find costumes for all of the popular characters from the Alice in Wonderland movie

Cheap Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice Girl’s Costume

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Cheap Alice in Wonderland Costumes

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Alice in Wonderland Costumes

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Mad Hatter Costume

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Alice in Wonderland Costumes

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Alice Costumes - The Alice in Wonderland costume is probably the most popular for adults. She is the main character and the costume is quite sexy. When a group decides to go to a party with an Alice in Wonderland theme, someone always wears an Alice costume.
Queen of Hearts – The sexy queen of hearts costume is another popular one for adult women at Halloween. Perhaps that has something to do with the ability to order a beheading whenever you want. The Queen of Hearts has one of the best lines in the movie and is usually well represented at Halloween parties.
Mad Hatter – If you are feeling a little crazy around Halloween, then the Mad Hatter costume is perfect for you. It’s always a great time for a tea party and some crazy riddles. But wear one of these sexy costumes and you will have double the fun.
Cheshire Cat – You will always be ready to disappear quickly in this Halloween costume. If you have a brilliant white smile and look great in stripes, you should try on this cheshire cat costume.
White Rabbit – If you are always running late, then you are the white rabbit of the group. But you’ll have to watch your back as you might always have Alice chasing after you. Go through the rabbit hole and you’ll discover a whole new world!
Other Wonderland Costumes – The Red Queen, White Queen and King of Hearts.
Alice in Wonderland costumes are already one of the more popular Halloween costumes for women and girls in the United States. The costume reached new levels of popularity because of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie, which was released into theaters in March 2010. Taking in over $100 million at the box office in its first weekend, its blockbuster movie launch put the Alice costume in high demand for Halloween.
If you are considering buying an Alice in Wonderland costume but are still on the fence, this will seal the deal: call your friends and ask them if they are interested in having a Mad Hatter tea party this October. You’ll have a blast when you all wear Alice in Wonderland costumes.
The Alice in Wonderland costume is especially appropriate for teenagers because you and Alice are approximately the same age. And if you coordinate with your friends, you will be able to go to your Halloween party as all of the characters from the movie. Imagine Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and the rest of the cast at the same party. You could even re-enact some of the best scenes since you will have all the players.
If you are worried that your parents will not approve of your wearing one of the racier Halloween costumes, you shouldn’t have to worry with the Alice in Wonderland costume. You are going dressed as a character from a children’s book, after all. If they won’t let you out of the house in this costume, you may just have to write off Halloween altogether as a lost cause.
For those who aren’t concerned about what their parents think, or prefer a bit more trick than treat in their Halloween, their are dark Alice in Wonderland costumes as well. Whether you want to be known as Malice in Wonderland, Tragic Alice, or a Goth Alice is up to you. But we can help you find the Alice costume for you whether you want to be good or bad this Halloween.