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Get a little crazy in a Mad Hatter costume this Halloween. Costume ideas for adult men, women, boys and girls. As long as your birthday isn’t on October 31, then it’s the perfect day to celebrate your unbirthday!  Dress up and invite your friends over for tea before the trick or treating begins!


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Teen Mad Hatter Costumes

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Alice in Wonderland Costumes

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Teen Mad Hatter Costumes

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During the 1951 Disney classic, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter are celebrating an unbirthday when Alice comes along. They act crazy and the Mad Hatter asks Alice a riddle to which he has no answer. In the book, one learns that the Hatter wanted to sing and was sentenced to death by the Queen of Hearts. He escaped decapitation and Time stopped itself form him and the Mad Hatter at 6:00 forever, the perfect time for a never ending costume party.

The Mad Hatter costume is a great Halloween costume for a couple reasons.  First, it is timely.  The release of the Alice in Wonderland movie makes it a character that everyone will recognize.  Second, you get to act wild and crazy as part of the character!  Jump around from place to place.  Ask riddles without an answer.  And it is all part of the act.  Nothing you could do would be too zany for the Mad Hatter.

No one really knows the inspiration for the Mad Hatter.  One plausible explanation is that it is based on the Hatters near where Lewis Carroll grew up.  Hatters used mercury to cure pelts for hats, inhaling the fumes from the process.  The mercury poisoning eventually caused neurological damage, confused speech, and distorted vision, giving rise to the popular saying, “as mad as a hatter.”  Another explanation that some have offered points to an eccentric furniture dealer who became known as the Mad Hatter because of the top hats that he wore while standing in the door of his shop.

Regardless of the origin, the character was not originally known as the Mad Hatter.  Only later did popular culture come to refer to the fictional character of Carroll in that manner.  Originally, he was known only as The Hatter.  But the whimsical manner and crazy antics of the Hatter would cause the name to stick.