Carrie Costumes - Women's Horror Killer Steven King Costume Idea

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Carrie Costumes - Women's Horror Killer Steven King Costume Idea

Forum Novelties Women’s Blood Boutique Bloody Dress


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When it comes to Halloween, there are few costume choices as iconic or as haunting as the character of Carrie from Stephen King's classic horror novel turned movie. The tale of a high school outcast harnessing her telekinetic powers for revenge remains a chilling symbol of horror that's perfect for the Halloween spirit. Choosing a Carrie costume gives you the chance to embody an unforgettable character while adding a distinct touch of cinematic horror to your celebration.

The "Carrie" movie, based on Stephen King's novel, is a horror classic that has continued to thrill audiences since its release in 1976. Carrie White, the protagonist, is a shy and socially awkward teenager who suffers daily bullying from her high school peers and lives under the oppressive rule of her religiously fanatic mother. However, Carrie possesses telekinetic powers, and as she becomes aware of these abilities, she learns to use them to her advantage. The climax of the film - and the inspiration for the most recognized version of the Carrie costume - happens at the senior prom, where a cruel prank sends Carrie into a vengeful rage, leading to a terrifying display of her powers.

A Carrie costume typically hinges on the prom scene, which means a simple prom dress forms the base of the costume. The key accessory, of course, is fake blood. Carrie, after being crowned prom queen, is doused in pig's blood as a cruel joke, so the inclusion of fake blood is essential to making the costume immediately recognizable. A tiara and a bouquet of flowers, reminiscent of Carrie's brief moment of glory as prom queen, add authenticity to the ensemble. To mimic Carrie's telekinetic powers, consider carrying around a few lightweight objects that you can pretend to move or knock over.

For a group costume idea, consider recreating the characters of Carrie's senior prom. Group members can dress as fellow students in typical prom attire, and one individual could even be the bucket that held the infamous pig's blood. This ensemble would offer a variety of costume options for group members while maintaining a cohesive theme centered around the character of Carrie.

As a couple's costume, one partner could dress as Carrie while the other personifies Tommy Ross, Carrie's prom date and one of the few kind characters in the film. Another option would be for one partner to dress as Carrie and the other as her overbearing mother, Margaret White. The contrasting dynamic between these characters would make for a compelling and conversation-starting duo.

In conclusion, a Carrie costume stands as a tribute to one of horror's most memorable characters. Whether you're going to a Halloween party alone, as part of a group, or as a couple, a Carrie costume ensures a frighteningly good time. Plus, you'll be stepping into a piece of horror movie history, making your Halloween all the more memorable.

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Forum Novelties Women’s Blood Boutique Bloody Dress Description:

Sleeveless white dress with faux blood splatter. Great base for a zombie costume. Standard fits 34 to 38-inch bust, 26 to 32-inch waist, and 35 to 41-inch hips.

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