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Our Corpse Bride costumes make it easy to find a good female Halloween costume.  A classic costume inspired by a classic scary movie can be a challenge, as the most outrageous, wicked, and frightening protagonists in horror films are typically male. Adapting iconic characters such as Leatherface, Pinhead, and Michael Meyers into a woman’s costume requires a fair amount of creative license to be done successfully. This is where movies like Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride bring new and interesting possibilities to Halloween costuming.

Emily, better known as the Corpse Bride, is both sexy and creepy, and it’s up to you which aspect you want to emphasize. For her tattered, white wedding dress, you can choose a more traditional design or go for a sexier style depending on your personal preferences. Her long blue locks, pale face, and striking eye makeup provide a great opportunity to create a dramatic Halloween look.


Corpse Bride Costumes

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Corpse Bride Costumes

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Corpse Bride is a story of love and greed and fortuitous accidents told in that dark and twisted way Tim Burton does so well. Emily, the main character for which the film is named, is voiced by Helena Bonham Carter. Even in animated form, Bonham Carter’s sensuality and quirkiness shine through. To accentuate your Corpse Bride costume, add dramatic, larger-than-life eyelashes and embrace her love for music and dance.