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Edward Scissorhands costumes this Halloween.  Tim Burton films are always a good source of inspiration for Halloween costumes, and Edward Scissorhands is no exception. This gothic tale of isolation, young love, and the path of self-discovery is a classic from the early 90s that starred Hollywood sweetheart Wynona Ryder alongside bad boy Johnny Depp.

Depp’s character, the eponymous Edward Scissorhands, is an iconic figure known for his crazy hair, blank stare, scarred face, and the unusual tools that replace his hands. There is a steampunk quality to his pale appearance, strappy leather attire, and scissored hands that offers a costuming opportunity that is both modern and referential. Edward Scissorhands is the holy grail of Halloween costumes, with just the right blend of sexy, scary, and a little bit of weird.

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Whether you’re attending a Johnny Depp character party or looking to win the Halloween costume contest at your local bar, Edward Scissorhands is an inventive look with a tremendous amount of potential that is suitable for men and women alike. You will need to start with an appropriate costume, makeup, and hair to play the part, but from there you can take the performance as far as you want. If you can believe it, Edward Scissorhands only spoke 169 words in the entire film, which could lead to an interesting night on the town if you choose to commit fully to the role.

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Rubie’s Costume Co Women’s Edward Scissorhands Female Scissorhands Costume Description:

Officially licensed Edward scissor hands costume. Dress, belt, scissorhand gloves, wig, and leggings. Available in sizes extra-small 32 to 34-inch bust, 22 to 24-inch waist, small 33 to 35-inch bust, 25 to 26-inch waist, medium 36 to 38-inch bust, 27 to 30-inch waist, and large 38 to 40-inch bust, 31 to 34-inch waist.

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