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Nurse costume are one of the top ten most popular Halloween costumes for adult women and offers a great costume to fit any budget and occasion on Halloween. Nurse costumes are sexy and fun as everyone expects you to be a naughty nurse on October 31st.  If you are an adult female looking for a sexy Halloween costume, you need look no further.


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You see, some nurses like to have a little fun between saving lives. And it is in recognition of the these naughty nurses that others wear this fun and flirty costume. Apparently, while recovering for their injuries, men often become infatuated with their caretaker. And women love to care for an injured man. And so the nurse-patient fantasy developed.
But the patients aren’t the only ones who wanted to have fun with the naughty nurse. Soon the doctors who worked closely with them started to be attracted to their crisp white and red uniforms. And the female nurses fell in love with the powerful and well paid doctors.
Soon, the fantasy of hooking up with a nurse spread to the entire population. And women found that they could tease the infatuated men with a sexy nurse costume at Halloween. In order to help you with your selection, we picked a few popular nurse costumes to sell.