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Apple Orchards start picking in late August and runs through October, so it is the perfect fall harvest activity. One of the big traditions in my family in the fall was heading to an apple orchard for some u-pick apples, followed by apple cider and donuts from the cider mill. Hopefully, you can use the apple directories below to replicate that experience with your family and friends.

Nationwide Directories of Apple Orchards

The following websites seemed to have a fairly comprehensive list of apple growers. Be sure and look below to see if I found a state directory for your state as well.

Orange Pippin
Pick Your Own
Apple Journal
Local Harvest

State Directories:

Some states have put together their own orchard directory in order to better market their farms. When a state does not list their own orchards, sometimes an individual will step up and link to orchards in a particular state. Where I have found a list of local apple growers in one of the fifty states, I have listed it below. If you do not see your state below, please use one of the national directories above.

Arkansas You Pick Farm Directory
Iowa Apple Growers
New Hampshire
New York
West Virginia

After you drink some cider and pick up a bushel of apples, be sure to return to my section of apple recipes for help cooking your apples. My mouth is already watering at the thought of a nice, warm apple pie.

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