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Check out our Wonder Woman costume accessories to complete that perfect holiday party outfit.  We have accessories for girls and women including items such as tiara, cuffs, wigs, leggings, tights, belt, lasso, cape, shield and boots.  Everything to bring out that super hero in you.

Wonder Woman is a classic character created and marketed by DC comics.  DC also markets Batman and Superman.  Wonder Woman should be a very popular costume this year as Gal Gadot stars in the new movie series in theaters now.  We have the full costumes on other pages or if you just need an accessory or two you can get it here.  Have fun and enjoy the party.


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Costume Accessories

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Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman Tiara: The tiara is a symbol of royalty that can also be used as a weapon. The tiara, when properly thrown by Wonder Woman, has the qualities of a boomerang that is sharp with magical powers. Although the tiara is not always worn with the outfit, it is a classic symbol of the character.

Lasso of Truth: A fictional weapon that compels its captives to obey and tell the truth. It is described as a deadly weapon that both binds you to follow its mistress as well as an object that can see into your soul. The lasso was featured in both the 1970s live action tv series as well as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Bracelets of Submission: The metal bracelets worn by Wonder Woman (also known as gauntlets) have proven indestructible and able to defect weapon fire as well as absorb the shock of a long fall. The bracelets appear in both the Dawn of Justice and the 2017 Wonder Woman movie.

Shield - She has used two different shields that are virtually indestructible. They have been used as both a defensive weapon instead of the Bracelets of Submission as well as an offensive weapon because of its durability.

Bow and Arrow - Wonder Woman is seen shooting a longbow in the 2017 movie.

Sword of Athena - The sword of Wonder Woman makes appearances in Dawn of Justice, Justice League and the 2017 movie. It has Ancient Greek writing engraved on both sides. Translated, it says: "Life is killing all the time and so the goddess kills herself in the sacrifice of her own animal."