Six Dressed Up Halloween Appetizers

If you enjoy dressing up for Halloween, you are in for a real treat with these Halloween appetizers. I’ve found recipes for dressing up some of your favorite party foods so that your guests will scream with delight this Halloween.

deviled eggs
Deviled Eggs – They’ll be bedeviled eggs for Halloween when you spice them up with horns and a goatee per Martha Stewart’s instructions.

finished product
Pigs in a Blanket – Turn them into a Halloween treat by making them into mummies or bandaged fingers.

Home made french fries (chips) and home made BBQ sauce
French Fries – Go Halloween with pumpkin fries to munch on before the meal.

Jello Shots and Cheese Tray
Cheese Tray – Make cheese pumpkins using smoked cheddar according to this Betty Crocker recipe. Or bat bites using goat cheese and cream cheese thanks to My Recipes. With moldy cheese balls and jack-o-lantern cheese balls as well from Better Homes & Gardens, you’ll have a fun tray of cheese for Halloween.

Veggie tray
Fruit and Vegetable Tray – Turn them into Halloween finger food with recipes for carrot fingers, apple bites, and a black bean cat from Disney’s Family Fun.

chips and salsa
Chips and Salsa – Spice up Chips and Salsa with “Boo”rrific black bean dip or black widow dip from Taste of Home.

New Recipes for 2014:

Three Sweet and Savory Crostinis by Michelle Herschman

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