Halloween Dinner Party Menu

Halloween is all about the candy for many. But if you limit your party planning to store bought goodies, you are really missing out. There is so much fabulous food for Halloween parties that your guests could ooh and ahhh over, if you gave them the chance by slaving away in your kitchen for a few hours.  Here is an new party fun food for 2014.  See our post Three Sweet & Savory Crostinis.

I’ve talked about the Halloween appetizers and desserts already on other posts. So, here, I’ll focus on the main course. It’s time to dazzle your guests with these Halloween dinner options:

If you want to gross out your guests over the course of dinner, the ingredients for the cool and creepy halloween party foods from Neatorama should be on your shopping list. If you want to serve either roasted fleshworm or rats in blood for your main course, you now know where to go.

Use worms in dirt as a side dish, made from recipes at Martha Stewart or Food & Wine. Argh! I’ve seen a third way to make this dish. I’ll add it here soon, sorry!

TipJunkie has also collected a number of Halloween recipes, including mummy meatloaf and monster stuffed shells. And as long as we are talking about meatloaf, here is an alternative mummy meatloaf recipe from Family Fun.

Someone else who can show you how to make a Halloween meatloaf is Not Martha. She’s famous for her meat hand. She also put a holiday spin on chicken pot pie by turning it into tentacle pot pie for Halloween.

Don’t be afraid to cook foods for your Halloween party theme. Welcome the devils to your party with pollo alla diavola, otherwise known as devil’s style chicken. Or if you are planning a pirate themed party, this Halloween menu from Newf in My Soup will ensure that your guests won’t make you walk the plank. I found this recipe through Tastespotting, which is a fabulous resource for finding Halloween appetizers and desserts to include on your Halloween party menu. There’s so many photographs of creative Halloween ideas there, you’d be crazy not to search there. And don’t forget to use the pagination on the bottom to surf to the next page! With ideas like spider cupcakes and Dracula’s Dentures, you will definitely find a couple Halloween recipes through Tastespotting.

I can’t end this post without adding a few more links for you to use in planning the food for your Halloween party. The Divine Dinner Party has gone crazy with a massive list of Halloween food. If you get overwhelmed there and would prefer that someone else pick out the menu so you can focus on baking, visit Martha Stewart’s Halloween party menus for six different planned dinner menus. Recipe Lion also has the recipe for 23 spooky foods and drinks, including an eyeball sub sandwich. The author of Eerie Elegance has also shared many of her Halloween recipes that have proven themselves over numerous Halloween parties.

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