Halloween Party Games

This is my massive list of Halloween party games for those of you hosting a get together and looking for some activities to keep your invitees having fun. You’ll notice that this list has everything from drinking games to games for kids. So adapt the games depending on the people attending your party. After reading through this list, you should have more than enough party ideas to keep everyone busy.

Bobbing for Apples – This classic Halloween party game shouldn’t need any explanation. It has been played forever. But if you would like to spice it up for adults, there are a couple things that you could do. Carve numbers in the apples and you have to do the number of shots that are carved on your apple. Or harken back to college and fill the bucket with jungle juice instead of water. Or try Bobbing for Liquor, where you replace the apples with single serving size bottles of liquor.

Movie Drinking Games – This one is only for those who are of legal age to consume alcohol, of course. Try some of these Halloween drinking games. The classic is scary movie drinking. Put in your favorite scary movie and grab your favorite drink. Every time someone gets killed, you drink. There are quite a few variations of this game. It could be every time a zombie as killed for a zombie movie, as in the zombie drinking game. There’s also the killer Hallowen drinking game or whore movie. Or you could follow the special rules for the Halloween Movie Drinking Games, which have evolved dramatically for Halloween II and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. There’s also a version for the Ghostbusters series.

Trivia Drinking Games – Ask your party guests Halloween trivia. If they give the wrong answer, they drink! The same can be done with Name That Bone, where each person is asked to name a bone on the skeleton. And if they don’t know, they drink!

Monster Mash Drinking Game – You go around in a circle counting. Any number that is divisible by 3 is replaced with monster. Any number divisible by 5 is replaced with mash. If you screw up your number, you drink. Make this counting game more difficult by playing Boo! Zoo.

Halloween Punch Pong – If you are of age, then you know how to play beer pong. Swap out the beer for your favorite slimy Halloween punch to put a twist on this classic party game.

Trick or Treat Drinking Game – I love this idea for a Halloween drinking game from Drink of the Week. One shot is disgusting. The other is delicious. Pick the wrong one and you have your trick to drink.

Halloween Word Game – Every time someone says the word Halloween, they drink! A version of this is the Spooky Shot Drinking Game.

Costume Contest – How can you have a party with a costume contest? Give out prizes for the best costume, best group costume and sexiest costume.

Pumpkin Carving Contest – Give out prizes for the best pumpkin. Just make sure that there is adequate supervision of children and that any carving adults haven’t drank too much.

Pumpkin Seed Spitting – See who can spit the farthest or the most accurately. Best played outside, of course. For adults, do a pumpkin toss.

If you prefer games of skill to games of destruction, Pumpkin Nook has some suggestions. Pumpkin ring toss, penny pitch and pumpkin golf aren’t bad ideas.

Pin the Wart on the Witch’s Nose – You should be able to figure this game out but the Guardian will help you if you can’t. It’s basically pin the tail on the donkey for Halloween. You can also play pin the hat on the witch or any number of alternatives.

Halloween Bingo – Use special Halloween bingo cards for this traditional game. For kids, hand out treats for prizes. For older participants, the losers drink!

Mummy Wrapping – The first team to wrap their mummy up with toilet paper completely from head to toe wins!

Pumpkin Bowling – The Mother Nature Network converting plastic soda bottles into pins and a round pumpkin. They say this is kids’ game but I think that adults could get pretty competitive.

Pass the Pumpkin – Divide up into temas. Pass two mini pumpkins between all of the players on your team without using your hands.

Hide and Go Seek – Get a special scary costume for the seeker, turn off all the lights, and then have the seeker find the hidden party guests. Otherwise known as killer instinct.

Smash the Pinata – Always a favorite with children. Have a Halloween themed pinata like a spooky eye, pumpkin or skull. If you don’t have a pinata, play pop goes the pumpkin instead.

Crafts – Halloween crafts can be a cost effective way to decorate your home for a Halloween party. But they don’t have to be a pre-party chore if you don’t want. They work equally well as a party activity for young children (elementary school age). Enlist the kids to help you make some of these craft ideas and let them take them home as party favors. Martha Stewart has put together an extensive collection of 23 kids’ crafts for Halloween. Highlights include the paper mice, pasta skeletons, ghost necklaces and talking pumpkin. Parents.com offers ideas for party games like pin the bow tie on the skeleton, pumpkin pinata and Jack-o-Lantern Bag Toss. There’s also plenty of fun crafts that kids can make as well. Family Fun has Halloween craft ideas for decorations that you can do with your children like sticky spiders, acorn pumpkins and closet monsters. Want to make a lollipop ghost, toy bat or Halloween silhouette? Visit Activity Village where you can get instructions for these crafts and more.

I couldn’t possibly have included all of the Halloween party games here. So here are a few other places to check out. Crazy Student has spent way to much time coming up with Halloween party ideas. That list of Halloween games is massive! My Five Best has a fun and unique list of Five Halloween Party Games for Adults. I’ll definitely be incorporating some of the games on those two lists here when I have the time. My Colleges and Careers has a list of cheap games since college students are on a budget. And of course there is this website dedicated to Halloween party fun. There are lots of threads about adult drinking games on Halloween forums. There’s also plenty more examples of Halloween party games for kids at Better Homes and Gardens and About.com. But I think there is enough here to get you started with your party planning.

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  1. Corey says:

    Hi, I love your ideas for Halloween party games. Especially the pumpkin seed spitting contest. (Reminds me of Monkey Island II … :D) Will try this at my 2012 party!

    Thanks and have a great Halloween!

    • Mr. Funtober says:

      Hmmm. I just checked their website. That’s what they called the game. I’m open to unilaterally changing the name if people think they slipped up.

  2. Brent Friedman says:

    Great list! I’d like to nominate another game: Ghost Patrol. It’s a creepy cool mobile experience for the whole family. Play it alone in the dark if you dare. bit.ly/VW6yAn

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