Decorative Halloween Desserts – Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

Your bowl of candy will remain untouched when you serve these decorative Halloween desserts at your Halloween party.  You’ll find out how to bake and decorate cakes, cup cakes and cookies for Halloween.  There’s plenty of images for inspiration and recipes to help you recreate the look and taste.  So pick out your favorites, grab the ingredients at the store, and start cooking!

Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the perfect treat for dessert at a Halloween party. If you have the patience to decorate each one of them individually. Look at the photos on the links below and we’re sure that you’ll agree to do them for your Halloween party. They look fantastic! Here’s some recipes to help you make Halloween cupcakes:

A lot of creepy, crawly creatures appear at Halloween. Invite a few to your dessert table with the spider cupcakes of TidyMom.

For a spookier cupcake, try to make these ghost cupcake toppers. The cupcake looks delicious, too. Pumpkin with a chocolate ganache filling surprise. Yum!

There’s nine cupcakes at Kitchen Play. And you’ll find eight Halloween cupcakes at the Food Network. Don’t miss the wicked cupcakes witch are pretty cute! Duncan Hines has three recipes for Halloween cupcakes. Personally, I think the werewolf cupcakes look the best for a Halloween party.

Still looking for the right recipe? Better Homes & Gardens shows you how to convert store bought cupcakes into 36 frightfully good halloween treats. Or create your own with inspiration from the images at The Largest Halloween Cupcake Roundup in 2008. More images available at theBERRY and Bakerella.

I don’t know much about baking cupcakes. I’ve done it a couple times but I’m no expert at cupcake decorating. If you are like me, you can get some helpful tips for tricked out Halloween cupcakes from the Arizona Republic.

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cakes

The surging popularity of cupcakes has upstaged cakes in many realms. But it is possible to make some wicked Halloween cakes that you couldn’t possibly replicate with cupcakes. So I hope that you agree the extra effort can be worth it after looking at the inspirational photos available at Flavorwire and Endless Simmer.

When you are ready to find a recipe, start with Martha Stewart’s Halloween cakes, tear yourself away to see Not Martha’s clever use of the skull cake pan, and then marvel at i am baker’s Boo-tiful Halloween Cake.

Halloween Cake

Halloween Cookies

Cookies are a classic holiday treat. They might not be as popular as the candy handed out to kids, but no one will turn down your cookies. Especially when your cookies are decorated for Halloween.

Start your search for the perfect Halloween cookie recipe at Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart or Land O’Lakes

And scare the dickens out of people with these eyeball cookies for Halloween from the Half-Buzzed Hostess.

Want something quick and easy? Transform your own cookie recipe into a Halloween treat thanks to Better Homes & Gardens cookie decorating instructions. TheFW promises 5 Insanely Easy Halloween Cookies as well.Or just buy your cookies on Etsy. Lilsugar posted some cute Halloween cookies that you could buy in 2011 on Etsy. Many of them are no longer available, but you can search on Etsy for more yourself.

Halloween Cookies 2011

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