Halloween Makeup, Masks and Special FX

You have your costume. Now you need a good Halloween makeup tutorial to help you transform yourself for the party. Or the right mask. It’s time to dive into the world of special fx makeup. Makeup artists spend years practicing the art of transforming a person into the character for Halloween. We’ve put together a few resources here in order to help you with your transformation.

Halloween Makeup Tutorials
The correct Halloween makeup can transform a mediocre costume attempt into a stunning visual display that will wow all your friends at the Halloween party. Don’t you love the zombie makeup to the right? So here are a few videos so that you too can have awesome makeup for your costume this Halloween:

Witch Costume Makeup
Vampire Costume Makeup
Zombie Costume Makeup
Cat Costume Makeup
Pirate Costume Makeup
She Devil Costume Makeup
Bee Costume Makeup
Ladybug Costume Makeup
Fairy Costume Makeup
Peacock Costume Makeup
Snow White Costume Makeup
Black Widow Costume Makeup
Spiderman Costume Makeup
Hunger Games Costume Makeup
Clown Makeup

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween makeup tutorials.

I didn’t realize the importance of a good makeup tutorial until I bought an awesome Dracula costume for Halloween two years ago. I’m a boy, so normally we wear masks and don’t do makeup. But the right makeup is important to correctly portray the skin of a vampire. So my makeup master (mom) and I pulled up online photos and Youtube videos until we found one that I liked and she could do. It turned out well – I’ll put up the photos when I can get a copy from her. Until then, you’ll just have to use your imagination!

Costume Makeup

Here are the makeup kits that we currently sell:

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Cosmetics Manufacturers

There are a number of suppliers of makeup for professionals, theater companies, and Halloween aficionados. If you are looking to purchase makeup, here are a few companies that you should explore:

Ben Nye offers professional theatrical makeup with F/X colors.

Mehron offers theatre makeup and supplies as well as Halloween makeup kits.

Graftobian Make-up Company is a family run, U.S. made makeup company offering a complete line of cosmetics and FX products.

Kryolan offers professional makeup for special effects.

Premiere Products is responsible for the Skin Illustrator makeup and Fleet St. Bloodworks theatrical blood.

Temptu offers airbrush kits, makeup and temporary tattoo transfers.

Bloody Mary offers Halloween makeup products from Hollywood makeup artist Bobbie Wiener.

Wolfe FX offers face paints and other theatrical makeup.

Special FX Masks
A lot of cool things can be done with makeup. But foam latex or silicon masks can be built for those who are looking for something more. Here are a few artists creating fx masks for sale.

SPFX Masks

Composite Effects

Shattered FX

Immortal Masks

Altered Flesh FX

The Scream Team

Ghoulish Productions

Zagone Studios

Learning Special FX Makeup
I’ve been looking at how people learn to do fx makeup recently. Some people are entirely self taught. They watch the youtube tutorials online and then practice until they are good at it. I’ve also found that many local makeup artists do classes to teach people aspects of their profession. For those who have the time and money for a formal education, and want to make it a career, I’ve found a number of schools that teach it:

Dick Smith Special Makeup Effects Training – I saw this course recommended a number of times in my search for educational resources. He offers a basic and advanced correspondence course for those interested in learning fx makeup.

Cinema Makeup is a special effects school located in Los Angeles, CA.

Stan Winston School of Character Arts offers online videos from Hollywood FX artists that instruct you on how to create monsters.

Robert Fiance Makeup Academy in New Jersey has a Special FX Makeup Artist program.

Vancouver Film School has a one year program in Makeup Design program.

Tom Savini’s Special Make-Up Program is a 16 month program at the Douglas Education Center in Pennsylvania

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is a South Florida school that offers instruction in special effects.

I’m sure that there are more schools out there. Let me know where they are!


Interested in connecting with other people interested in fx makeup? Try The Effects Lab and The RPF.

FaceOff on SyFy is a reality tv show competition between special fx makeup artists.


Makeup Artist Magazine

We hope you have enjoyed these resources for those looking for Halloween makeup ideas and masks from the world of special effects. Now. Ready. Set. Apply makeup!

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