Flights to Munich during oktoberfest
We searched using orbitz
looked in mid january.
searched for a week long trip during oktoberfest – not catching the opening ceremonies – dates flexible by 3 days before or after)
paid no attention to nonstop vs. connecting initially

FOR COMPARISON – WE SEARCHED IN JULY – SEEMED LIKE PRICES WERE $200 – $400 more for a round trip ticket.

Philadelphia – Munich (same as philadelphia –> paris)

Philadelphia –> London

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NYC to Munich – $900 (same as NYC to London)

Washington, DC to Munich – $1200
Washington, DC to London – $800

Chicago to Munich – $1200

Seattle to Munich – $1300
(no direct flights)

San Francisco to Munich
Limited Flights around $1200

Los Angeles to Munich – $1200
LA to London – $1000

Atlanta to Munich – $1300

Nonstop Flights to Munich
Philadelphia – $1200
NYC to Munich – $1100
Chicago to Munich – $1200

Los Angeles to Munich – $1500
San Francisco to Munich – $1600

Do You Need A Visa To Go To Germany For Oktoberfest?

Good question. You should consult the current German visa requirements. However, for those of you who are just beginning the process of planning your trip to Oktoberfest and will later confirm your visa requirements yourself, we will mention that our research on January 27, 2012 indicates that you do not need a visa to enter Germany if you are a United States citizen who will stay in Germany for less than three months. However, you should not rely on this website and you should investigate the current German visa requirements at their website. The default requirement is that you must have a visa to enter Germany, so please ensure that you qualify for an exception before planning your trip to Germany.

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