Oktoberfest Songs

Lots of live bands sing Oktoberfest songs in Germany. Bands usually start around 11 AM with more traditional music, then switch to a younger style in the afternoon.  Make eye contact during a toast and don’t get caught with an empty mug.  Learn the words to Ein Prosit. And sing loudly.

Ein Prosit Song and Lyrics

You have to know the lyrics, also.

Ein Prosit German Lyrics to Ein Prosit Oktoberfest Song:

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit; Der Gemütlichkeit; Ein Prosit, ein Prosit; Der Gemütlichkeit; OANS ZWOA DREI! G’SUFFA!

Ein Prosit (A Toast) English Translation to Ein Prosit Oktoberfest Song:

A toast, a toast; To cheer and good times; A toast, a toast To cheer and good times; ONE TWO THREE! DRINK UP!

Enjoy Oktoberfest in Munich


Dances and Oktoberfest Songs

At Oktoberfest, most dancing by patrons in tents is done on the benches. This is done because there won’t be room for the waitresses to bring more beer if you are in the aisles, and dancing on the tables is strictly off limits. So dance on your bench for as long as you like! Here are a few simple dances that would be good for you to learn before you attend Oktoberfest.

Cowboy und Indianer

Cowboys and Indians was originally recorded by Olaf Henning, a German singer, in 2000. The lasso dance eventually made it an Oktoberfest hit. You can read the translated lyrics here.

This video has been tamed down a little for public consumption. The ending is a bit more suggestive of the lyrics double meaning when done at Oktoberfest and the Cowboy is signaled by using one’s fingers as guns rather than tipping the hat.


It translates as The Aviator Song. It was originally sung by Tim Toupet, the singing barber. If you care to know what you are singing in English, here is the translation of the lyrics.

Here are the moves:


If you are celebrating Oktoberfest in the United States, you must also know the chicken dance:

Chicken Dance



Composed by accordian player Werner Thomas in Switzerland in the 1950s, the song became popular when it was recorded by Dutch band De Electronica’s in 1980. Properly translated as The Duck Dance, there were no duck costumes at the Tulsa Oklahoma Oktoberfest when it was introduced to the United States by the Heilbronn Band, so they used chicken costumes instead. The record for the World’s Largest Chicken Dance was set at the 2004 Cincinnati Oktoberfest.

List of Bands Playing Oktoberfest Songs in Tents in 2012

Hacker Festzelt
Die Kirdorfer
Cagey Strings

Munchner Zwietracht

Orchester Karl Flauger
Siegertsbrunner Blasmusik
Die Pucher

Unterbrunner Blasmusik

Ludwig Thoma-Musicians,
Südtiroler Spitzbuam

Sepp Folger und seine Münchner Musikanten

Plattlinger Isarspatzen directed by Alois

Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke
California Sun

Bert Hansmaier’s Heldensteiner

Die Niederalmer

“Sumpfkröten” the Hot Frogs
Högl Fun Band

Winzerer Fahndl
“Die Nockherberger” unter der Leitung von Konrad Aigner

Other Bands Someone Listed that played at one time:
Plattlinger Isarspatzen
Unterbrunner Blasmusik
Alpen Yuppies
California Sun
Party Gang

Types of Oktoberfest Music:

Oompah Brass






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