Oktoberfest for Ladies

Here are a few tips for the ladies of Oktoberfest that will be attending for the first time.

  • Wear a dirndl. No silly hats.  Tie the bow of dirndl on left side to flirt.  Wear a garter to store the essentials.  Do not wear open toed shoes or sandals. There may be glass on the ground due to drunken toasting.
  • Pace yourself, as it is stronger than the average beer.
  • Dance on your bench rather than in the aisles.
  • Head to the bathroom early. Lines can be long.
  • Use the buddy system.

Enjoy Oktoberfest in Munich


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One thought on “Oktoberfest for Ladies

  1. mark saniez says:

    My wife and I went to last years otoberfest in Munich and as allready said ,off course you see a lot of men in Lederhosen with the matching suspenders,but we also saw a lot of ladies in Dirndls but it’s perfectly true there was a lot of girls and mature women ,wearing ladies short lederhosen with the suspenders,a matter of fact I bought myself a shinny black lederhosen with embroderies and the matching suspenders along with the shoes,checkerd shirt and socks,and really what a good feeling when you have it on you, and at a very reasonable price too 69.90 euros. As for my wife a matter of fact she bought herself a wonderfull dirndl size 52 with the pink robe ,mauve long apron,white long socks,and the short blouse with the puffy short sleeves at the same price too,she also bought a lovely shinny red lederhosen with the same suspenders allways size 52 and it is true aswell that women carry very well lederhosen with suspenders.And what is good even at home if you want to put it on too ,that’s what we do when we go out walking or just simply shopping theese items pass absolutely everywhere and the feeling is great and I agree too that women in lederhosen with the suspenders are really sexy !

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