German Language Guide

If you speak english, you should be able to travel in Germany with minimal problem. Most germans speak english, especially in the areas popular with tourists. But you don’t want to be the arrogant American that demands that they speak your language when you are a guest in their country. Master the basics, and people will be much more willing to help. Hello, please, thank you and excuse me can go along way when combined with a friendly smile.

We’ve found a number of online guides that can help you study up on the German language before you travel there. Essential German language guides to help you master everything from ordering a beer at Oktoberfest, buying a new wardrobe, and traveling through the country. They include either phonetic guides to pronunciation or audio clips that pronounce the phrases for you. We’ll eventually put together a language guide of our own. But until then, we hope you find these words and phrases valuable during your travels.  HostelBookers put together a great mini Oktoberfest dictionary that has most of the German that you should practice.  And also try Zurika.  Spend a few weeks to learn the language in advance and it will pay huge dividends. Don’t have time? Print out the pages for reference while in Munich.

Enjoy Oktoberfest in Munich


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