Top 100 Haunted Houses In 2019

Most Popular Haunted Houses in America

Funtober each year ranks the top 100 haunted attractions at Halloween.  Our 2019 list continues our tradition of ranking haunted houses based on the number of Facebook “likes”.  We use the term haunted houses loosely as many are haunted mazes, trails, prisons, circuses, forests, hayrides, ships, paintball, and more.  Feel free to share and link this list. Also check out our state list containing a list of holiday haunted attractions in your state.

1. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood – Universal City, CA.  758297 Facebook likes.  Seasonal event starts September 14th.  Open Thursday through Sunday nights.  Have fun exploring the 7 terrifying mazes, the terror tram, and scare zones.

2. Halloween Horror Nights – Orlando, FL.  646873 Facebook likes.  This is Universal Orlando and their big Halloween event. Don’t miss any of the 9 haunted houses including The Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead, or Resident Evil.

3. Massacre Haunted house – Montgomery, IL.  356854 Facebook likes.  This is a 30,000 square foot attraction with 60 rooms of terror and more than 75-100 ghastly clad actors. Note considered too extreme for children under age 13.

4. Waverly Hills Sanitarium – Louisville, KY.  221521 Facebook likes.  More a real haunted house guided tour and paranormal investigation with a wonderful commercial type haunted house during Halloween season.

5. Cutting Edge Haunted House – Fort Worth, TX.  177793 Facebook likes.  The dark attraction is filled with terrifying live characters, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters.

6. Knott’s Scary Farm – Buena Park, CA.  171221 Facebook likes.  The Scary Farm begins September 20th. It features 11 mazes and two Halloween shows and thirteen thrill rides. Open Thursday through Sunday.

7. Netherworld Haunted House – Stone Mountain, GA.  149586 Facebook likes.  Be aware of the horrific plot to punish all of mankind that went awry. Try to survive the giant bugs, wasps, spiders, and maggots. These places are beyond scary.

8. Howl-O-Scream – Tampa, FL.  126511 Facebook likes.  Busch Gardens has scream attractions including The Basement, Death Water Bayou, Circus of Superstition, Blood Asylum, Dead Fall, and Zombie Mortuary.

9. Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights – San Jose, CA. 108932 Facebook likes. The Halloween Candlelight Tour begins in the middle of September. An all new presentation in 2019 features Unhinged as a maze through this ancient house.  Unhinged and Fright Nights are just their Halloween presentations.

10. Haunted Hoochie Dead Acres – Pataskala, OH.  107976 Facebook likes.  They work hard to make you sick. It is very “hands on” and you should expect to be touched, grabbed, and maybe even choked or dragged.

11. The 13th Floor Haunted House – San Antonio, TX.  106581 Facebook likes.  Two haunted houses at one location and for one low price. Warning the event may is intense. The two haunts are Groudup and Dwellings of the Dead.

12. The 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, LA.  104285 Facebook likes.  Do you like snakes? The 13th Gate has live snakes, a crematory oven, a 40,000 square foot haunted house, 13 indoor and outdoor scenes, and about 100 scary actors.

13. Lewisburg Haunted Cave – Lewisburg, OH. 102832 Facebook likes.
What’s scarier than a real cave? The Haunted Cave at Lewisburg has added unusual cave creatures to their Water Monsters, and Great Maze attractions.

14. The Frightmare Compound – Westminster, CO.  99005 Facebook likes.  Frightmare consists of two haunted houses that was moved here following a carnival massacre. Spirits come prepared to play their fantastic Zombie Paintball.

15. Statesville Haunted Prison – Crest Hill, IL.  98126 Facebook likes.  The theme is prisoners have rioted and now you are face to face with 100 criminals too evil to die in 23 maximum security cells. No one escapes Statesville.

16. Pennhurst Asylum – Spring City, PA.  95822 Facebook likes.  Pennhurst Asylum is massive in size. It was built in 1908 as a prison facility for the mentally ill. Includes haunted house, Dungeon, Ghost Hunt, and Tunnel Terror.

17. 13th Floor Haunted House – Denver, CO.  93664 Facebook likes.  Expect to be terrified as your worst fears come to life. Opens weekends and nearly every night in October.

18. House of Torment – Austin, TX.  92349 Facebook likes.  It has 3 haunted attractions for the price of one including Dawn of Evil and Graveside Manor. Friday and Saturday nights have music, DJ, live radio, and undead dancers.

19. Ominous Descent at Fear Park – Plant City, FL. 90675 Facebook likes.
Fear Park hosts Ominous Descent on most Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in October.  You will enjoy visiting the backwoods farmhouse, haunted walk, and funeral home.  Attraction is also known by locals as Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail.

20. 13th Floor – Phoenix, AZ.  84801 Facebook likes.  The largest haunted house in Phoenix is 13th Floor. There are two haunted attractions in this huge 60,000 square foot building.

21. Basement of the Dead – Aurora, IL.  82655 Facebook likes.  The haunt attractions here are Zombie Outbreak Apocalypse. Looks like a great event with chance to shoot “live” zombies.

22. Scarehouse – Etna, PA.  81162 Facebook likes.  Consider Scarehouse as a living tribute to the Zombie capital of the world. Also for 2018 is The Basement. Here you will be touched, restrained, hooded and scared out of your mind.

23. 13th Floor Haunted House – Melrose, IL.  79156 Facebook likes.  Lots of new attractions this year. An all new world famous haunted house in Chicago for 2018. It features the attractions Bloodlines and Dead End District Fallout.

24. Fear Farm – Phoenix, AZ.  79087 Facebook likes.  Fear Farm is 26 acres with 5 haunted attractions and Phoenix Haunted Hayride. Fear Farm opens Friday and Saturday nights in September and October.

25. Dead End Haunted Hayride – Wyoming, MN.  75119 Facebook likes.  The haunts are Sunnyvale Asylum, Dead End Hayride, Departed Oaks Haunted Trail, and Site 66 Haunted Cornfield with lots of chainsaws and mazes.

26. Scream -A- Geddon – Dade City, FL. 73956 Facebook likes. Six attractions open on weekends in September and every night in October.  Note this should be considered an extreme haunted house. They not only touch you but physically push, grab, and shove you.

27. Factory of Terror – Canton, OH.  73946 Facebook likes.  It takes about an hour to go through the Portal To Insanity, Industrial Nightmare, Massacre on Mahoning, and Judgement Day in 3D.

28. Field of Screams – Mountville, PA.  71514 Facebook likes.  Expect to find heart stopping horror attractions. You will see demented creatures, blood sights, and bone chilling scenes. They feature a DJ, live band, games, and food.

29. Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, PA.  69273 Facebook likes.  Every fall Eastern State hosts Terror Behind the Walls as a massive haunted house featuring high startle, strobe light, fog machine, and high-intensity events.

30. Indy Scream Park – Anderson, IN.  69189 Facebook likes.  There are six haunted houses at the Indy Scream Park. It has a great monster midway with food, games, live entertainment, beer, drinks, and a fire pit.

31. The Asylum presents Hospital of Horrors – Weston, WV.  68826 Facebook likes.  Once a hospital is now home to undesirable souls. You can tour the facility during the day or come back at dusk when the dead come out to play.

32. Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted House – Ulster Park, NY.  67693 Facebook likes.  Attraction has a one mile long haunted hayride, a labyrinth style corn maze, a side show, line actors, 4 food venues, 4 gift shops, and 6 amazing haunted houses.

33. 7 Floors of Hell World of Nightmares – Middleburg Heights, OH.  65339 Facebook likes.  A new name and now 7 great haunted attractions.  7 Floors runs every Friday and Saturday night through October.

34. Nashville Nightmare – Madison, TN.  62965 Facebook likes.  Two haunted houses feature dark passages, wandering monsters, state of the art animatronics, and an incredible special effects.  Night Terrors has 13 different scenes.

35. Fallsburg Haunted House – Louisa, KY.  62717 Facebook likes.  Carnivals, killings, and clowns are all on the menu.  Tickets are just $22.  They run every Friday and Saturday night. Lots of improvements made to attraction for 2018.

36. Woods of Terror – Greensboro, NC.  60022 Facebook likes.  They put on a terrific fright with seven attractions named Infection, Chaos 3D, Slaughterhouse, Industrial Nightmare, Gold Mine, Blackbeards Revenge, and Nightstalkers.

37. Spooky World Nightmare New England – Litchfield, NH.  59369 Facebook likes.   It is a full screampark offering six attractions, restaurants, bars, a monster midway, zombie paintball, Go-Kart, and mini-golf.

38. The Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, OH.  57742 Facebook likes.  The two attractions with 55 actors are the Dent Schoolhouse and the Detention Hall Maze. There are food concessions and souvenirs available onsite.

39. HorrorFest at Shady Brook Farm – Yardley, PA.  56415 Facebook likes.  They have live music, bonfires, and food. The 4 thrilling scary haunts at HorrorFest are Hayride of Horror, 3D Alien Encounter, Carnage, and Barn of Horror.

40. City of the Dead Haunted House – Henderson, CO.  54680 Facebook likes.  The attractions are Carnival of Carnage, City of the Dead and Curse of Darkness. Carnival is advertised as Denver’s largest haunt.

41. Frightland – Middletown, DE.  50296 Facebook likes.  Between Wilmington and Dover, you’ll find a fantastic set of 8 haunted attractions. When you tire of the haunted house, enjoy the barn, hayride, woods and carnival.

42. The Sanctuary – Oklahoma City, OK.  46933 Facebook likes.  The attraction is much like a live horror movie. Being new, it has the latest Hollywood styled set designs and themes. Experience their special effects this year.

43. Nightmare on 13th – Salt Lake City, UT.  49543 Facebook likes.  Expect to find frightful scares in Swamp Blood, and Delirium. Scary, yes very scary for adults. This haunt also has a separate extreme fright experience.

44. Frightmare Manor – Talbott, TN.  46337 Facebook likes.  The four haunted attractions at Frightmare Manor are Manor, Backwoods, Night Harvest, and Phobia. The Challenge. They are open every Friday and Saturday night.

45. Field of Screams – Olney, MD.  46063 Facebook likes.  The Trail of Terror roams the haunted forest with a werewolf. Lusion Manor is the haunted house. Hades Hayride goes through the evil grounds.

46. Spooky Woods Haunted Attraction – Archdale, NC.  45914 Facebook likes.  Halloween attraction for Kersey Valley with Dreaded Inn, Terror Trams, Laser Tag, Fright Lights, and midway including music, food, and refreshments.

47. Shocktoberfest – Sinking Spring, PA.  45512 Facebook likes.  It is built on 30 acres with Prison of the Dead Escape, The Unknown, Club Shock (dance club hangout with music), and Zombie Revenge Haunted Hayride.

48. Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride – Glen Mills, PA,  45001 Facebook likes.  Operating as a haunted attraction for over 28 years with Hollywood styled movie sets, 100 foot scenes, amazing pyrotechnics and around 100 actors.

49. ScreamWorld – Houston, TX.  44366 Facebook likes.  Now open 28 years. It takes about one hour to go through all five house attractions. The haunts feature animatronics, morgue, strobe lights, and undead creatures.

50. 13 Stories Haunted House – Newman, GA.  43476 Facebook likes.  Expect to find rats, spiders, snakes, roaches, and maybe a 3D clown. The attractions are 13 Stories, Vertigo, Ward B, Zombie Alley, and Clown Town.

51. Los Angeles Haunted Hayride – Los Angeles, CA.  43327 Facebook likes.  There are three attractions at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. The haunt opens Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Tickets for the Hayride vary.

52. The 17th Door – Tustin, CA. 42837 Facebook likes. The 17th Door is open 25 nights Halloween season. The theme is based on a story of psychotic rage, prison, and madness.

53. Nightmare Dungeon – Greenville, SC.  42523 Facebook likes.  An all new experience this year.  Imagine being inside a live horror film. Attraction is filled with special effects, scary sets, actors, and frights.

54. The Haunt Grand Rapids – Wyoming, MI.  41802 Facebook likes.  It just got bigger and better with far more insane scares.  The four feature attractions are Exhumed, Immortous, Deranged, and Lcugaru Bayou.

55. Nightmares Fear Factory – Niagara Falls, NY.  41461 Facebook likes.  Fear Factory is located directly across from Casino Niagara. Expect to get found by lots of Zombie’s at Fear Factory. Open generally from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

56. Fear Factory – Salt Lake City, UT.  40593 Facebook likes.  Former cemetery factory has a history of twisted and unusual accidents. Expect a full experience with live bands playing, concessions, and a few undead.

57. Sloss Fright Furnace – Birmingham, AL.  40586 Facebook likes. Sloss Fright is a real haunted house in Birmingham. It is one of the most scary places on earth. Sloss is one of the popular scare attractions in Alabama.

58. FrightWorld Scream Park – Tonawanda, NY.  40045 Facebook likes.  Now in its 16th year Fright World has 5 haunted houses full of many demons from the unknown. Every year the haunts are updated and new ones added.

59. Dark Hour Haunted House – Plano, TX.  38280 Facebook likes.  This is the fifth year for this spectacular 47,000 square foot haunt. A technical haunts with lots of animatronics, motion sensors, and QSC sound speakers.

60. Warehouse 31 – Pelham, AL.  38037 Facebook likes.  See 3 events at Warehouse 31 with a new 30,000 square foot attraction. It is just 20 minutes north of downtown. Also has a haunted trail with 30 scenes.

61. Hundred Acres Manor – Bethel Park, PA.  37801 Facebook likes.  Six attractions with a 7500 square foot haunted house, The Maze, Brine Slaughterhouse and Live Zombie Paintball.

62. Dead Man’s Farm Haunted House – Lenoir City, TN.  37362 Facebook likes. The haunted house has a full midway of fun with bonfires, fire breathing, and side shows.  An upgrade gets you to the next level! You will be TOUCHED.

63. Brighton Asylum – Passaic, NJ.  36018 Facebook likes.  The asylum is an interactive indoor haunted house with actors, Hollywood quality sets, special effects and much more in their 13,000 square foot scare attraction.

64. Asylum Haunted House – Denver, CO.  35996 Facebook likes.  The Asylum is one scary and popular haunt attractions. Damp, musty and infected with the screams of tortured souls make it an exhilarating attraction.

65. The Hex House Westside Grim – Tulsa, OK.  35162 Facebook likes.  Go through the Adult Dark Ride or The Adult Shadow Box. The Hex House attraction runs every Friday and Saturday night through October.

66. Atrox Factory – Leeds, AL  35042 Facebook likes.  Opens September 29th.  Atrox Factory is a 50,000 square foot complex located near Birmingham. It might be the largest haunt listed on Funtober.

67. Talon Falls Screampark – Melber, KY.  34340 Facebook likes.  Screampark can be described as a carnival freakshow with Dead End Haunted House, Blood Creek Haunted Hayride, Laser Tag and Sinister Circus 3D.

68. Fright Nights at Jacobson Park – Lexington, KY.  33550 Facebook likes.  Haunted attractions are named Dark Forest, Zombie Mayhem, and 13 Doors. Zombie Mayhem is 15 minutes of hell. Dark Forest has scenes at Butchers Oven.

69. House of Horrors & Haunted Catacombs – Cheektowagg, NY.   33822 Facebook likes.  A 30,000 square foot haunt attraction. It is advertised as “Buffalo’s Biggest, Baddest, Haunted House.” They have lots of monsters around.

70. The Castle Halloween Festival – Muskogee, OK.  33742 Facebook likes.  A combo pass gets you into the cemetery maze, haunted house, haunted woods, and the Ultimate Maze. You can start in the Halloween Village for free.

71. Niles Scream Park – Niles, MI.  33432 Facebook likes.  It has 44 acres and 150 to 200 scary actors to scare the yell out of you. The waiting area has photo opportunities, a paintball shooting gallery, and a basketball shoot.

72. Asylum Haunted Scream Park – Louisville, KY.  32338 Facebook likes.  Full entertainment park with a 40 acre haunt, 5 attractions and fun. The Carnival of Lost Souls midway has a fire eater, games, food, and live entertainment.

73. The Mortuary – New Orleans, LA.  32325 Facebook likes.  It’s the perfect setting for a one-of-kind adrenaline pumping, nail-biting haunted house experience! The property is surrounded by “The Cities Of The Dead.”

74. Pure Terror Screampark – Monroe, NY.  30772 Facebook likes.  Go through all five of their huge new haunted attractions with over 2 miles of frights.  Expect it to be very scary. Beyond the limits of fear.

75. Freakling Bros The Trilogy of Terror – Las Vegas, NV.  29584 Facebook likes.  The Freakling Bros have run haunted houses in Nevada for over 25 years. They run three haunted attractions in Las Vegas.

76. Reaper’s Revenge – Olyphant, PA,  29568 Facebook likes.  The Haunted Hayride has zombies and the Grim Reaper. Meet side show freaks and evil clowns. Sector 13 is for Zombie research. Finally enter Pitch Black maze.

77. Madworld – Piedmont, SC. 29448 Facebook likes. Madworld has the industries best monsters, costumes, animatronics, pyrotechnics, and special FX.  Madworld delivers the scare factor and entertainment like no one else.

78. House of Horror – Doral, FL.  28755 Facebook likes.  An amusement park with a haunted carnival on 2 acres and 30 bone chilling scenes.  Also 30 scary characters including 10 new demons. It has live music and carnival rides.

79. Bayville Scream Park – Bayville, NY.  28673 Facebook likes.  Their thrilling adventure has 6 haunted attractions,  midway type activities, fast food, pizza, and burger vendors. It serves beer and wine plus carnival games.

80. Bane Haunted House – Livingston, NJ.  28649 Facebook likes.  Bane advertises “Bringing Nightmares to Life”. They play on every one of your fears; claustrophobic, separation anxiety, clowns, and more.

81. Fear Fair – Seymour, IN.  28466 Facebook likes.  Here the actors (monsters) can and will touch you.  The haunt features Myctophobia (Fear of Darkness), Hanger 17, and Cinema of Fear.

82. USS Nightmare – Newport, KY.  28463 Facebook likes.  Board a real 288 foot long ship, You will witness lots of chainsaws, evil illusions, and dozens of scary actors. Enjoy your visit aboard the Death Dredge.

83. Carnival of Horrors – Cuyahoga Falls, OH.  27393 Facebook likes.  Located at the Blossom Music Center.  The attractions are Insane Asylum, The Fun House, The Wicked Woods, and The Freakshow 3D.

84. Fright Night Haunted House – Corpus Christi, TX.  27815 Facebook likes.  All new Fright opens on October 5th.  Open every Friday and Saturday night in October plus dates near Halloween.

85. Haunted Field of Screams – Thornton, CO.  27207 Facebook likes.  The Haunted Field of Screams features 3 haunt attraction named Dead Man’s Night Maze, Zombie Paintball Massacre, and 35 acres of haunted cornfield.

86. Bennett’s Curse – Baltimore, MD.  27221 Facebook likes.  The theme is about what lies beneath in the underworld or hell. Lots of torture, dungeon cells, and diabolical instruments in rooms with incredible monsters.

87. Arx Mortis – Killen, AL.  26741 Facebook likes.  Open weekends starting September 22nd.  Arx Mortis is one of the best haunted venues in Alabama. It is really 3 experiences in one complex.

88. Dungeon of Doom Haunted House – Zion, IL.  26562 Facebook likes.  Find ghouls, deranged clowns and two floors of fear at the Dungeons of Doom Haunted House. A 40,000 square foot haunt with 80 actors everyday.

89. Haunted Mansion of Albion – Albion, ID.  26353 Facebook likes. The School of Chaos, the Clown House, the Creature House and Ghost Hunting will keep you on your toes. Snack on the mini doughnuts and enjoy the show!

90. Horror Acres – Springfield, OH. 26278 Facebook likes. This is an EXTREME haunted house! You may experience light touching, some vulgar language and/or extreme scenes! 

91. Terror on the Fox – Green Bay, WI,  26276 Facebook likes.  Terror on the Fox operates 2 main attractions. Open Friday through Sunday in October.  Attractions are The Possession and Blackthorne Cemetery.

92. Trail of Terror – Wallingford, CT.  26122 Facebook likes.  The Trail of Terror is an outdoor attraction that has been frightening folks for 20 years. Trail of Terror runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in October.

93. House of Shadows – Gresham, OR.  25982 Facebook likes.  A full contact horror experience. The attraction is open every Friday and Saturday nights in October.  Yes, assume this is an extreme haunt.

94. Slaughter House – Tucson, AZ. 25813 Facebook likes. It prides itself in being something that will “scare you to your core.” The Tucson Screamers’ put together an annual haunted house for charity.

95. Fright Farm – Smithfield, PA.  25775 Facebook likes.  The attraction runs Friday, Saturday, and most Sunday nights. They are a high startle 25,000 square foot haunted house in South Philadelphia.

96. Scream Town – Chaska, MN.  25346 Facebook likes.  The attractions are Terror in the Corn, Redneck Resort, Circus Asylum, Oak Blood Forest, Funeral Home Visitation, Rabid Alley, and Sasquatch Investigation.

97. Wells Township Haunted House – Brilliant, OH. 25305 Facebook likes.
We are an interactive extreme haunted attraction. We can touch you but you can’t touch us.

98. Jason’s Woods – Lancaster, PA.  25131 Facebook likes.  An entertainment complex with new characters, scenes, stories, and horror for 2018. See 6 haunted attractions, live bands, games, a theater and a mystery maze.

99. Gatlinburg’s Mysterious Mansion – Gatlinburg, TN.  25048 Facebook likes.  An annual event that’s been frightening people for over 30 years. Open all year and 7 days a week from spring break through October.

100. Blood Manor – New York, NY.  24891 Facebook likes.  Blood Manor is a 5000 square foot haunted house consisting of themed room, dark corridors, and a 3D labyrinth all in famed New York City.

101. Erebus – Pontiac, MI.  24280 Facebook likes.  Erebus is named after “the darkness beneath the earth which the dead must pass through to get to Hades.” It is 4 stories of state of the art special effects terror, zombies, and creatures.

102. Nightmare at Gravity Hill – Jackson, NJ.  24201 Facebook likes.  The attraction has trails, themes, and adventures in a ghost town, graveyard, an Egyptian pyramid, jail cell, church, butcher shop, with kreepy clowns, and zombies.

103. Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus (new location) – American Fork, UT,  23991 Facebook likes.   A former traveling circus, this Circus is a freak show with a thirst for blood. You will find clowns, freaks, and ghouls.

Also enjoy some of the most fun Halloween events at theme parks like Disney, Six Flags, and Cedar Fair.  These were left off our list because they do not have separate “haunt” Facebook pages.  While our top 100 are fantastic we also recommend you try out a local haunt on our Haunted Houses in America webpage which may offer you a great evening of fun.

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