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Bear Costumes - Adult & Kids Teddy, Grizzly, Brown, Polar Bear Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Polar Bear Costume


Bear Costumes - Adult & Kids Teddy, Grizzly, Brown, Polar Bear Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

Mystery House Costumes Teen Polar Bear

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This all-white bear largely lives within the Arctic Circle around the Arctic ocean. It has adapted to the cold temperatures and snow, ice and cold water of the region. The majority of their diet is from hunting seals. They are classified as marine mammals because they spend the majority of their life on sea ice, hunting seals from the edge of the ice. It is classified as a vulnerable species because of expected loss from climate change.

Polar bears have been a part of human culture for some time. They have been used by companies in advertising, such as Coca-Cola's famous use of them. They have also been a popular item in fiction books including stories for children and teenagers.

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Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Polar Bear Costume Description:

Cozy fleece dress keeps you warm on cold winter nights. Adorable bear hood and classic winter scarf make this the perfect holiday dress.

Mystery House Costumes Teen Polar Bear Description:

Bear hood. Gloves and leg warmers.

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