Fall Apple Butter Festivals

Nothing spells FALL like the intoxicating aroma of apple butter cooking away in traditional copper pots over a wood burning fire. If you’ve never seen this old-time pioneer activity up close, its time to head for the nearest Apple Butter Festival this fall.

Unlike regular Apple Festivals where you might catch a scent of apple butter churning away as part of the many activities, this is truly the big leagues for apple butter aficionados. Oddly enough, the term “butter” is a misnomer. True apple butter is simply caramelized applesauce that has darkened and sweetened naturally through long hours of stirring and cooking. Once cooled it makes a delicious spread for bread or toast and is a great compliment to cheeses and smoked meats.

Everyone has their own secret recipe of apple varieties and added spices so be sure to sample all the offerings before settling on the jars you’ll be taking home. Here are the apple butter festivals you’ll find in September and October:

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