Fall Avocado Festivals

Got a great guacamole recipe that your family loves? Enter it at one of these fall avocado festivals in California and enjoy the professional culinary kudos from people who know their guacamole.

Avocados first arrived in the US from Mexico in the 19th century and California is now the self-proclaimed avocado capital of the world although Mexico still tops the list as major producer. These unusual fruits (yes, they are fruit and not vegetables) gained great popularity in the 70’s with the vegetarian folks and are still associated with good health, green living, and of course, Super Bowl Sunday. But guacamole isn’t all you’ll find at the festivals. Contests for the largest home grown avocado and booths of creative ways to use avocados in your kitchen (and even your spa!) are abundant.

California Avocado Festival - Carpinteria, CA - Oct 2 to Oct 3, 2021
One of the largest free festivals in Cali with a great lineup of music and fabulous food.

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