Fall Gourd Festivals

Visit some of these fall Gourd Festivals this year. They have great food, fun events, and most have some real beautiful artwork.  Think you know all there is to know about gourds? If your only exposure comes from a bowl of knobby looking squash-like vegetables that routinely appear on autumn tables, you’ll need to think again.

Gourd growing, and perhaps more importantly, gourd décor is an art unto itself. Find out by visiting one of the October gourd festivals in your area and you might just get hooked. Until you’ve seen a gourd that’s been transformed into the head of Santa Claus through meticulous carving and painting, you haven’t experienced the true possibilities of gourds. Contenders at gourd festivals also vie for ribbons awarding size, shape, and sheer creativity, so there will be plenty to marvel at as you wander from table to table. If you’re in the market for the proper gourd carving tools, (they make great birdhouses) you’ll no doubt find them here as well.

Although eating gourds is not a particularly popular pastime, there will probably be plenty of food and drink available – perhaps in the form of the gourd’s close cousin – pumpkin. Pies, soups, and breads will surely be on hand to keep hungry gourders at bay.

Alabama Gourd Show - Cullman, AL - Oct 15 to Oct 16, 2021
Gourd Round Up with this annual event featuring art and craft made with gourds.

North Carolina Gourd Festival - Raleigh, NC - Nov 6 to Nov 7, 2021
Annual event at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, featuring competitions for gourd growers and crafters. Admission fees cover building rental and insurance.

Annual Herb and Gourd Fest - Grand Rapids, MI - Jul 1 to Oct 31, 2022
The Michigan Gourd Society holds this event at Meijer Gardens. Gourd art and demonstrations, vendors.

Gourdfest - Griffin, GA - Oct 20 to Oct 23, 2022
Features gourd competition, classes for all levels of experience, demonstrations, educational and historical displays; and handouts, make it ‘n take it projects; and vendors selling raw gourds, apparel, supplies, artwork and crafts.

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