Fall Pottery Festivals

Do you yearn for the days when items were painstakingly made by hand? Do you marvel at the remnants of pottery from thousands of years ago that is displayed in museums?

Clay pottery has been a part of human civilization since humans gained control of fire and communities became agriculturally oriented. You too can take part in this rich tradition. If you would like to watch people make pottery from clay, or perhaps even try your hand at it, here are the festivals this fall where you can do so.

Folk Pottery and Arts Festival - Sautee Nachoochee, GA - Sep 4 to Sep 4, 2021
Brings northeast Georgia folk potters together with regional art potters for a festive one-day event. Artists and craftsmen display and sell their works, many provide demonstrations. Live music is on site as are tasty treats offered by local food vendors. Spend the day on the Sautee Nacoochee Center campus exploring and enjoying the heritage of pottery in the northeast Georgia.

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