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Buy your Ron Burgundy costume and become San Diego’s top rated newsman from the 1970s. Shop the options for Anchorman costumes including Veronica Cunningham, Brick Tamland or Brian Fantana to find the right Halloween costume for you from this trio of classic comedy films starring Will Ferrell. They’ve done studies, you know. 60 percent of the time, it works every time.

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Ron Burgundy costume: Ron is the lead Anchorman for local San Diego news station Channel 4. They are the number one news station in San Diego. In Anchorman 2, Ron and Veronica are married.

Brick Tamland Costume: He is the weatherman in both movies and is portrayed by Steve Carell. He wears 1970s clothing and glasses, with dark hair in a side part. He would be best played by a short, broad nerdy guy in his 40s.

Brian Fantana costume: Don't forget to put on your "Sex Panther" cologne and act like a ladies' man. To be Brian, you will need to wear a 1970s style suit with a dark mustache and dark hair. He is a good friend of Ron Burgundy and the first to talk to him after he is fired and replaced by Veronica.

Champ Kind costume: with this outfit, you'll need to say Whammy! with a high level of enthusiasm. He is Ron's coworker (the KVWN sports news reporter) and friend. Champ is one of the main characters of the Anchorman movie and Anchorman 2.

Veronica Corningstone costume: She is the love interest of Ron Burgundy and the female lead of both the Anchorman movie and Anchorman 2. She is an attractive blonde that is tough, intelligent and cunning with conservative clothing.

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