GoTenna Mesh Black Friday Deals 2023

We are tracking the best deals on goTenna Mesh online and in store for Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday. When cellular service is not available because the area just doesn’t have service or the towers are overloaded, this provides a way to send text message, gps coordinates, public broadcasts and much more.It’s kind of like a walkie talkie, with more features, range, functionality and half the weight. Whether it’s for camping or emergency preparedness the goTenna Mesh is a great off-grid communications option when cellular signals are not an option.A great gift for someone else or for yourself we searching out all the best deals for Black Friday and the rest of the 2021 holiday season.

What does the goTenna Mesh do?

The goTenna Mesh is a communication device that does not operate on a cellular signal. The goTenna Mesh allows people to communicate directly via typed message on your phone, send GPS coordinates and public broadcasts.It features one to one messaging, group chats and gps coordinates with message reciept confirmation.The included goTenna app features worldwide offline maps. The system provides for end to end encrypted messages.

The goTenna Mesh also allows the user to link and bounce signals form one mesh unit to the next for extended range. It uses other goTenna mesh units as relay points. The more goTenna Mesh relay point the stronger and further the raneg will be. The unit does not allow picture or video messaging.The battery is supposed to last to 24 hours.

Operating the goTenna Mesh is very simple Download the app and connect to you device and you are ready to go.

The goTenna Mesh is a durable built to last item.The goTenna operates on the between 902-928 MHz. This has places all the Mesh devices in the same range and allows the relay feature mentioned above. The operating raneg varies depending on terrain, but urban tests have had messages sent as far as one mile and up 3 miles in rural areas. As the number of goTenna Mesh sold increase so does the network because goTenna set up a network where user can register there goTenna Mesh devices as nodes and permanently leave them on.It’s like crowd sourced communications.

Here’s what we are tracking:

goTenna Mesh – is currently priced at $143.00 for a two pack.

goTenna Gen 1 – are available for $124.
• They only offer one to one communications.
• They also do not have the node relay functionality.

We are tacking all the best online, print and in store deals on the goTenna Mesh.Hiker, prepper or tech guru the goTenna Mesh is a great communications alternative when cellular is cost prohibitive or unavailable.We expect goTenna to offer some excellent deals asBlack Friday approaches because the more devices they get in circulation the better the Mesh network. Check back for the best prices on a goTenna Mesh for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019.

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