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Cleopatra Costumes are beautiful costumes made for women, teens, and girls.  These are some of the prettiest costumes we sell here at Funtober.  Cleopatra was the Queen of Egypt during the reign of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.  As Queen of the Nile she controlled one of the most valuable nation states in the world at the time.

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Egyptian Costumes

Cleopatra Costume

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Egyptian Costumes

Girls Cleopatra Costume


In the movie Cleopatra she was played by the popular actress Elizabeth Taylor. Shop our selection of adult and kids Cleopatra costumes. Cleopatra VII, commonly known as the Queen of the Nile, was the last pharaoh to rule Ancient Egypt. She represented herself as the reincarnation of Isis, an Egyptian goddess. She ruled jointly with her father and brothers before seizing control of the throne herself. She was known for her beauty and ability to conquer the most powerful men in the world, including Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Historical sources indicate that she killed herself with the bite of an asp, a venomous Egyptian snake, although some recent scholars believe she used a different method.