Halloween Parties, Events and Parades in 2022

Here are Halloween events for the major cities in 2022:

Here are additional pages by state with the Halloween events not located in one of the major cities above:

2 thoughts on “Halloween Parties, Events and Parades in 2022

  1. Lorrie O'Hare says:

    The Chamber of Darkness Haunted House in Monroe, OR is back for another season of Purgatory Pass.
    We would to be included in your haunted house listing for Oregon 2014.
    Please contact me so I can provide you with more information.

    Thank you

  2. Trakia Rice says:

    Hello my name is Trakia and i’m new to Muskegon with four children, ages 13,12,7,and 4. and i’m looking for something kid friendly that we can all enjoy togeth either free or very low in cost because i’m on budget any suggestions.

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