Xbox One Elite Controller Black Friday Deals 2023

Find the best deals on the Xbox One Elite Controller and Elite 2 during Black Friday 2023 as we help you find the biggest online sales and advertised price discounts on video game tech from early November to Cyber Monday 2023.

One of the most popular accessories for the Microsoft Xbox One over the years has been the Elite Controller. The original was released in 2015 and contains wireless connectivity, interchangeable parts along with programmability features.

The Xbox Elite Controller 2 will be released in November 2019 and pre-orders are already live. The Elite Series 2 Controller will contain over 30 new ways to play like a pro, designed to give today’s competitive gamers what they need to compete and win. It contains a third trigger lock position, adjustable thumbstick tension, extended rubber grip, Bluetooth connectivity, and an internal rechargeable battery. The regular price will be $179.99

Xbox One Elite Controller Black Friday 2019 Deals:

We will post all of the leaked and released ads and sales on the Elite Controller here as they become available. Stay tuned as Black Friday approaches! If electronics retailers have excess inventory of the original model, they may offer some great discounts on it over the Thanksgiving weekend and holiday sales period in order to move it and make way for the latest version.

Xbox Elite 2 Controller Black Friday Deals

There usually are not a lot of deals offered on brand new technologies as manufacturers as the initial wave of purchasers are usually not as price sensitive. However, with the Nintendo Switch Lite coming out this year and the rise in gaming, Microsoft may be willing to price discount in order to boost sales and create buzz ahead of the release of the new video game consoles next year.

Previous Controller Deals

Are you wondering whether the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be better than buying it earlier? We think that it will be at least as good as the lowest price the controller has ever been on Amazon – which is $129.99. If there is excess inventory, you will probably see them drop prices even lower, closer to the $119.94 price that Walmart offered for sale in Summer 2019 / Prime Day.