Haunted Houses in Alaska for Halloween 2024

Celebrate Halloween with a trip through a haunted house in Alaska.  The state is known for its beautiful wilderness and long winters. It is not known for zombies, demons, devils, creatures, freaks and other spirits known to frequent haunted houses.  So we were shocked to learn that a few ghosts decline to migrate south for the winter and continue to scare thrill seekers in haunted houses in Alaska around Halloween. Find a haunted house near you below!


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Alaska Haunted Houses 2024

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We’ve located a few haunted houses to enjoy in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.  We have separate attraction links and listings for haunted houses USAhaunted corn mazes, haunted trails, haunted zombie paintballhaunted forests, haunted hayrides, and ghost tours.

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Haunted Houses in Alaska

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If you are the owner or employee of a house in this directory, or one we missed and need to add, we would love to have more information about your place, including the url, photos, dates/times/hours etc. Use the contact form on our advertising page to get in touch and we'll follow up if we still need your response to any of these questions.

4 thoughts on “Haunted Houses in Alaska for Halloween 2024

  1. Lee Ann Mitchell says:

    I have been to the Gateway to Darkness, 1241 W. Melanie Ave., Unit 4, Wasilla, AK 99654 about 5 years ago. Although it is expensive ($15), if you love scary haunted houses, the price is worth it. I am a wimp myself and will not go back because I was scared out of my mind. At one point, I stuffed my face into my husband’s back and closed my eyes. All I could hear behind me was someone whispering in my ear “Wanna play a game?” My husband loves scary movies and admitted to me later that he was afraid but was trying to put a brave front on for me so I wouldn’t freak out. Even the beginning of the house was frightening because you had to walk thru a tunnel of plastic that was being pushed at you by forced air so you were literally squeezing yourself thru and couldn’t see even a foot in front of you. Whoever thinks of this and puts it together puts a lot of time and effort into the planning. It is not for the faint of heart or small children. PS. My husband has gone back several times without me since our visit.

  2. Amber N. Bolinder says:

    I’m looking for a haunted bouse, forest, farm, corn field IN Anchorage AK, or near by (mat-su valley, etc.)

    Where I come from, slc, UT, haunted houses are a MAJOR deal the entire month of October.

    All I see is the Nugget Mall in Juneau with October “activities” and
    “Gateway to Darkness” in Wasilla.
    Which apparently was closed for 2016. However, this site says last updated 2017. SO, will the Gateway to Darkness be open for October 2017?

    If not, is there ANYWHERE to visit a haunted house in Alaska, 2017?

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