Scranton Haunted Houses for Halloween 2020

Scranton “haunted houses near me” are some of the most fun haunted attractions in Pennsylvania and the United States.  Enjoy a great fun with your spouse, date, or friends at a local haunted house.  Expect the ghosts, zombies, and clowns at these haunted attractions to scare you.  For the price of a movie ticket you can be part of the action as you come face to face with terror.  State of the art animatronics, great props, Hollywood sets, and actors with makeup beyond belief create a thrilling Halloween experience.  You will be frightened.

Last Major Update:

Iron, steel and coal made the Scranton / Wilkes Barre community one of the largest cities in the United States in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Now, the ghosts are horrified that the city hasn’t kept pace economically and take it out on residents every chance they get.

Gravestone Manor - Plains, PA
Sorry folks but they will not be hosting Gravestone Manor this fall because of the virus issues.  Hope to see everyone safely next year.  A different haunt where you become part of the theater cast. Gravestone Manor is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October.  Haunt is hosted by United Way of Wyoming Valley. They have hosted this event for 19 years.  Tickets at the door at $10.

Horror Hall - West Nanticoke, PA
Horror Hall opens up for the season in late September.  It runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights throughout October.

Reaper’s Revenge - Olyphant, PA
The fright events start in late September.  Tickets are $40 but online coupons are available on their web page.  Admission gets you into all four Reaper’s Revenge attractions. The Haunted Hayride brings you face to face with zombies and the Grim Reaper. Meet side show freaks and evil clowns at the Lost Carnival. Sector 13 is the experimental testing facility for Zombie research. Finally enter Pitch Black, a maze of blind darkness. The ticket office is open 6 pm until 11 pm on Friday and Saturday.  Note the attraction closes at 1 am.  It runs every Friday, Saturday and most Sundays in October.  Check web page for details.  Reaper’s Revenge has over 29000 Facebook likes.

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  1. Terry Ross says:

    There used to be a trail of terror walk in Scranton and I am wondering if it is going on this year..if anyone knows can someone please drop me a line or respond to this comment.. I think it may have been on Kane st y of r park or something like that.. but I am not sure.. I think it was a church fundraiser or something

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