Miami FL Haunted Houses for Halloween 2018

Miami haunted houses are few but fun entertainment.  Enjoy a fun night out with your spouse, date, or friends.  Expect to be terrified at these haunted attractions.  For the price of a baseball ticket you can be part of the action as you come face to face with terror.  Most use animatronics, great props, Hollywood sets, and actors with makeup beyond belief.  You will be frightened.  Find all the haunted houses, trails, corn mazes, hayrides, and Halloween fun attractions in the Miami area. Last Major Update:

Also check out our list of the Top 100 Haunted Houses 2017 in America.  Is your favorite haunted attraction on the top 10 and top 100 state list?

Since 2000, the haunted attractions in Miami have been especially scary. Apparently, there’s still a few ghosts in the Miami-Dade County area pissed about the results of the 2000 election between George Bush and Al Gore.

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State By State List of Halloween Haunted Houses
Haunted Houses in Florida
Orlando Haunted Houses
Tampa Haunted Houses
Jacksonville Haunted Houses
Macon Haunted Houses

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Rate and Review Haunted Houses in Your State

Write a review about the last Halloween haunted attraction you visited.  Please include the haunt name, state, and city.  What did you like most?  How scary was the haunt?  Was it a haunted house, haunted trail, haunted hayride, haunted corn maze or other type of attraction?  What was the haunts theme?  (zombies, clowns, ghosts, etc.) Did they have amenities such as food concessions, parking, restrooms, convenient hours, and live entertainment? We would love to hear from you below about your visit.  Thanks for your response.

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