Information our Visitors Want About Your Haunted Attraction

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Here’s what our readers want to know about your haunted houses.  If you send it to me, I’ll publish it.  Some of them may not apply to your haunted attraction.

What are the prices and hours for 2013?

Do you offer coupons, discounts, group discounts, or groupons?

What are the busiest nights/times?  What’s the average wait during peak days and times?  Is is possible to go to the front of the line by paying an extra fee?

How long does it take to go through the haunted house?

How scary is your haunted house?  Is it kid-friendly?

Are there reviews of your haunted house online?  If so, where?  We’d like to link to them so our visitors can check you out.

A lot of haunted houses support charities.  Does yours?  If so, how?

Our readers love to see photos and watch youtube videos.  Care to send us some we can put up?

What’s the history of your haunted attraction and how did you get started haunting?

What’s the parking situation?  Is it lot/street and fee/meter/free?  Is the haunted house accessible by public transportation?

What nearby restaurants would you recommend for great food, families, and dates?  And what do you suggest our readers do after your haunted house?  Is there another haunted house nearby that you would recommend or some other form of after attraction entertainment?

Thanks for answering the questions!

3 thoughts on “Information our Visitors Want About Your Haunted Attraction

  1. Kurt Travers says:

    Are you looking to have the yell scared out of you ?? Are you a fear seeker ?? if you answer yes to yourself we invite you to come on out to The Haunted Barn & Trail . Located in Camden wyoming Delaware on 528 Five foot prong ln , We are open every year to the public every year we open on the second weekend of september & remain open every Fri-&Sat- in september , then we remain open every Fri-&Sat- in october including halloween & nov , 1st . Admission is $8.00 per victim . Under age 12 must be with a adult the whole time . This event is not recommended for small children we will let them enter but we say parents choice . Please note this is a high tech Haunted Attraction , you will see blood / Gore , & alot of scary intence activity we dont go easy on nobody small kids or adults you enter your going to get scared .

  2. Kurt Travers says:

    When you arrive here & after you pay admission you & the group your with will be tour guided through a large dark farm pasture covered with different scenes & monsters that will be waiting for you . Once you have survived the Trail / Pasture The Barn is waiting for you . you may think doors you haft to open to Enter the barn ?? guess again just to enter the barn you walk through a 10ft long spinning vortex tunnel thats lit up with blacklights & 3d dots . We are worth anyones trip to come see we are sponsored by Printedsolid screen printing company of newark DE . Find us on Facebook @ Haunted Barn N Trail please note on facebook it shows our location just incase you cant find it 528 Five foot prong ln , Camden wyoming delaware .

  3. Kurt Travers says:

    Our Hours Run from 7pm to 12 midnight . We do suggest arriving early because it does get pretty packed out here with visitors . visitors can also contact us anytime call 302 382 9438 ask for jason or call 302 491 4290 Enter if you Dare !!

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