Little Rock Haunted Houses for Halloween 2024

Funtober is the place for Halloween information.  We have a complete area list of Little Rock and other Arkansas haunted houses.  Find lots of haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted hayrides, haunted corn mazes, and Halloween fun in the Little Rock area.  Expect to find Hollywood-worthy set designs, live actors, creepy costumes, air blasters, and animatronics to scare you and your friends this Halloween.  Most of these haunted attractions will have all the zombies, witches, clowns, and vampires to scare the screams out of you.  Funtober lists the locations, dates, hours, and where possible the ticket prices. Find a haunted house near me below.

Last Major Update:

Creepy Works - Conway, AR
Creepy Works is a family oriented 3D haunt for all ages. Seasoned staff provide realistic terror. You will be drawn into the depths and lose control of rational thoughts.  Open Friday and Saturday nights beginning in early October. Creepy Works strives to provide realism to draw in and distort a persons psyche. You will be looking to leave just as quickly as you enter. Creepy Works is staffed by seasoned haunt enthusiasts who’s only desire is for you to have a frightening experience. We have gone to great lengths to provide detailed sets and settings which can be far and few in between. One of the most common questions we receive is “How long does it last?” I can tell you that the effects are residual and will gradually wear off, but you will remember for a lifetime. You will not forget.

Fear Factory - Jacksonvile, AR
At the Fear Factory 501 tickets are for “a place where fear is made”. There are 5 horrifying haunted attractions at this one location. Doors open at 7 pm and close at 12 am. Lots of screams here.  Open every Friday and Saturday nights in October starting September 24th plus some added dates near Halloween.  Check web page for details.  Tickets are $25.

Haunted Barn - Concord, AR
The Haunted Barn opens in early October.  This is an annual charity haunted house for the benefit of children and adults born with certain diseases.  It is open every Friday and Saturday nights in October.  Tickets are $10.

Haunted Hotel - Little Rock, AR
Attraction is open Friday and Saturday nights beginning in early October.  Then beginning late October it is open every night through early November.  Doors open at 7 pm until 10 pm weeknights or later on Friday and Saturday.

The Reaper Haunted House - North Little Rock, AR
Reaper is all new for 2022 at their new location at 15310 MacArthur Dr., North Little Rock. Reaper is open every Friday and Saturday nights starting in early October plus every night the last two weeks before Halloween.  Are you ready for intensity never before seen in a haunt? Are you ready to cry and scream and beg for your life? Step inside The Reaper Haunted House, the most intense haunted house in Arkansas, and see if you can make it through. In The Reaper’s world, anything goes…and no one will be there to save you.  They have an all new location and all new attractions this fall.

Twisted Intent Torture Chamber - Benton, AR
Sorry folks but it appears this attraction in Benton called the Torture Chamber or Twisted Intent is temporarily closed. The new Twisted Intent Haunted Attraction was formerly the Torture Chamber located at The Warehouse off Edison which operated for 13 years. They are in the scream business. At Twisted Intent you will need to be able to crouch, crawl, and beg for your life.


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