Chambers of Darkness Haunted House in Custer Park, IL

The Chambers of Darkness Haunted House in Custer Park, Illinois was kind enough to supply the following information to our questions about their haunted house for 2012:

What are the prices and hours for 2012?
The hours for the haunted house and hayride are from 6-11PM on the following weekends: October 13th, 19-20, and 26-27

Do you offer coupons, discounts, group discounts, or groupons?
YES. Users can find information on group rates on our website, or we will be running promotions on our Facebook page from August until the end of October.

What are the busiest nights/times? What’s the average wait during peak
days and times? Is is possible to go to the front of the line by paying
an extra fee?
We get about 6,000 patrons over 5 nights on average every year. The average wait is about 15-20 minutes. There is no way to get to the front of the line.

How long does it take to go through the haunted house?
The hayride is 2 miles long leading up to the haunted house (and about 20-25 minutes), the haunted house walk through lasts about 20-25 minutes, and the trail of Insanity outside afterwards lasts about 10 minutes. So it’s all total about a 45-60 minute experience.

How scary is your haunted house? Is it kid-friendly?
We try to keep it kid friendly, but it is definitely scary even for adults!

Are there reviews of your haunted house online? If so, where?
Our reviews can be found at on Haunted Illinois.

A lot of haunted houses support charities. Does yours? If so, how?
Yes. 100% of the funds we raise are to support the Custer Park Volunteer Fire Department.

Our readers love to see photos and watch youtube videos. Care to send us some we can put up?
A great video will be up on our YouTube channel soon at

What’s the history of your haunted attraction and how did you get started haunting?
The original haunted house used to be called the Custer Park Spooktacular. We started this about 8 years ago as a way to have fun and also benefit the community.

What’s the parking situation? Is it lot/street and fee/meter/free? Is the haunted house accessible by public transportation?

There is plenty of FREE parking near the Town Hall where the experience begins. It is not accessible by public transportation.

What nearby restaurants would you recommend for great food, families, and dates? And what do you suggest our readers do after your haunted house? Is there another haunted house nearby that you would recommend or some other form of after attraction entertainment?

Hang out with us and listen to music and have some food in our makeshift cafeteria where we sell hot dogs, chips, sodas, and other goodies! 🙂

Thanks Chambers of Darkness!

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