Richmond VA Haunted Houses for Halloween 2019

Richmond haunted houses are some of the largest and best in the United States and Virginia.  Enjoy a great scary night out with your spouse, date, or friends.  You will be terrified at these haunted attractions.  For the price of a movie you can be part of the action as you come face to face with terror.  Most use animatronics, great props, Hollywood sets, and actors with makeup beyond belief.  You will be frightened.  Find all the haunted houses, trails, corn mazes, hayrides, and Halloween fun attractions in the Richmond area.

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The Capital of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War still has a few ghosts that reign terror down upon any citizens paying taxes to the government of the United States.  Richmond area has some of the most popular haunted houses in Virginia.

Scream Forest – 14435 Stone Horse Creek Road, Glen Allen, Virginia 23059
Scream Forest is an intense walking adventure.  It operates a haunted hayride, haunted trail, and the Bedlam Haunted House.  It opens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from October xx.  It opens at 7 pm and closes at 11 pm on Friday, Saturday 10 pm on other nights.  Tickets are available online for the Scream Forest and for the nearby separate haunt Creepy Hollow Hayride.

Blood Lake Haunted House – 16500 Midothian Turnpike, Midothian, Virginia 23113
Located at the Windy Hills Sports Complex the Blood Lake Haunted House has more than its share of werewolves in the area.  There are several attractions including Sandman’s Nightmare, Z-Alamo, and Grimm’s Reapers.  Grimm Reapers is about fairy tales without the happy ending.  You can purchase a single attraction.  Unusual but they also have a lower price for kids.  Blood Lake runs Friday and Saturday nights beginning October 9th.  Doors open at 7:30 pm and close at 11 pm.  They are part of Windy Hill so the Go-Karts and Mini-Golf attractions are open there during late hours.

Creepy Hollow Hayride – 14435 Stone Horse Creek Road, Glen Allen, Virginia 23059
Enjoy Richmond’s tradition and Scream Forest and Creepy Hollow Hayride as separate but sister haunt attractions.  The theme is based on Doctor Farrington’s experiments and their aftereffects.  Now in it’s 20th year so you know the screams are real. Creepy Hollow runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Journey Trails – 6475 Parrish Road, Providence Forge, Virginia 23140
Journey Haunted Trails has 3 attractions.  A little different than most haunted houses you simply must experience Journey, The Dark Side, and Castle Bloodworth.  The fear comes from spiders, snakes, worms, death, and the unknown caused by Satan’s demons.  The doors are open from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.


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