Charlotte Haunted Houses for Halloween 2024

Charlotte haunted houses are some of the largest in North Carolina. Enjoy a great scary night out with your spouse, date, or friends. Expect to be terrified at these haunted attractions. For the price of a movie you can be part of the action as you come face to face with terror. Most haunts use animatronics, great props, Hollywood-worthy sets, and actors with makeup beyond belief. You will be frightened. Find all the 2024 haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted corn mazes, haunted hayrides, haunted house near me, and other Halloween fun attractions in the Charlotte area.

Last Major Update:

Booger Jim’s Hollow - Blacksburg, NC
Booger Jim’s opens late September and runs every Friday and Saturday nights in October through early November plus Halloween night.  Booger Jim’s Hollow is a Blacksburg Haunted House and haunted trail surrounding the legend of Booger Jim. Booger Jim’s Hollow is separated into three main attractions – the Haunted House, the Doll House and the Haunted Trail – all of which you can access for one great low price! We offer something to chill the blood in anyone’s veins, whether it be ghouls, goblins, demons, or our group of psychotic clowns – or even the twisted BOOGER JIM himself!.  You will leave horrified, if you get out alive!

Boogerwoods - Rockwell, NC
Open Friday and Saturday nights beginning around the middle of October and runs through early November.  A Halloween event this haunted trail takes about 35 minutes to complete. It has been raising money for over 40 years with proceeds benefiting cystic fibrosis research this year. Attractions includes the return of the popular Twister Saw attraction, Mine Shaft, Club Booger, Booger Meat Packing, and more. Enjoy free parking, concessions, movies and souvenirs. Tickets are $20. Here is their explanation why they use tour guides: “Yes we have Guides and have had them for 43 years! Other haunts have told us we need to drop the guides so we can put way more people through. Well we just can’t do it. Our guides are part of the show and want to make sure you have a great time at Boogerwoods from the front of the group to the back. They get you involved in every scene. Yes we could put 3 times more through without guides, but we would rather give you a complete show.

Camp Fear - Hiddenite, NC
Spend 45 minutes on the wooded trail at Camp Fear. The scenes are Rock Maze, Spinning Vortex, Clown Chaos, Insane Asylum, Living Dead Dollhouse, and Freakshow.  Camp Fear opens every Friday and Saturday in October. It runs from dark until 11 pm. It takes about 45 minutes to walk the trail. Remember “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”?  Lovely tales for children, featuring a girl who had very strange dreams. Dreams populated with impossible talking animals, a time obsessed rabbit, and disturbing, unusual people.  Or should we say, for the sake of accuracy, unusually disturbed people? Note this is probably a good example of an extreme haunted house as they may touch you.

Collinwood841 - Linwood, NC
Open again for 2020. This is a popular long running home haunt attraction.  This year’s theme is the Walking Dead.  Oh wait that has been the theme for the last 4 years just with added attractions each year.  Expect this year to be different but you will have to wait for the surprise announcement about the theme.

Forbidden Forest Horror Trail - Rockwell, NC
Forbidden Forest opens the middle of October.  Check web page for schedule. Forbidden Forest is located at  14210 Old Beatty Ford Road, Rockwell, NC. Attraction has 25 years of caring and scaring.  Tickets are $17 with the option of buying Fast Pass tickets for $30.  Proceeds benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC
We are the only indoor Haunted House around Burke County. We will be open starting early October and will run till November on weekends only. We are a fast growing Haunted Attraction!  New attraction name this year is Relentless.

Haunted Mill - Belmont, NC
Open in a 120 year old mill, the Haunted Mill has been open for 20 years. The attraction opens at 7:30 pm. Attraction closes at 11 pm on weeknights or midnight on weekends. Open starting in late September.  It runs Friday and Saturday nights plus some Thursdays and Sunday nights.  See Facebook page for details. Haunted Mill is a 20,000 square foot scary place. Also available is 3D Blacklight Mini Golf.  Besides their Halloween season they also run Escape Room events.

Hickory Grove Haunted Trail - Gastonia, NC
The trail opens in late September.  Now in its 26th year, tickets are just $15. It opens at dark and closes weeknights at 10 pm. It is open from dark until the last victim is served on Friday and Saturday. Opens Friday and Saturday nights in October plus a few additional dates near Halloween. See web page for additional open dates.  There are some pretty scary people along that trail.

Horror Fields - Sawmills, NC
Get frightened this season beginning in late September.  The theme for Horror Fields is based on the end of the world as we know it. The Pumpkin King Samhein has invaded this land. The creatures of the Nightmares are ready to do battle. Tickets are $20 for Speckles Spectacular 3D plus Hellbill’s. Lots of discounts available at their website.  Doors open at dark. Doors close at 11 pm. Visit every Friday and Saturday nights through early November plus some added October dates near Halloween.

Lake Hickory Haunts - Hickory, NC
Attraction begins in late September and every Friday and Saturday night through early November. Doors are open from 7 pm until 11 pm. Visit this all new 4000 square foot haunted house. It uses great actors, animatronics, pneumatics, pryrotechnics, and loud or visual effects. Tickets are $23-28.  Lots of themes including a shipwreck and circus carnival.  Plenty of live entertainment and dance. Lake Hickory Haunts is a one of a kind haunted house attraction; featuring a large body of water, surrounded by 9 unique haunted attractions. Within these attractions, you will discover awe-inspiring immersive environments, multi-dimensional special FX, and breathtaking scares.

Reapers Realm - China Grove, NC
This 6000 square foot haunt has a haunted trail, haunted farmhouse, slop lot, haunted barn, slaughter house and hilltop asylum.  It is open from late September through early November on Friday and Saturday nights.  Check web page for additional dates.

Scarowinds Halloween Haunt - Charlotte, NC
Sorry folks but given the current local virus situation Scarowinds and Carowinds are both closed through the remainder of this year.  Scarowinds is the scare attraction at the popular theme park Carowinds. A Cedar Fair attraction so you can expect lots of exciting rides, midway entertainment, a clean park and did I mention lots of family type scares. It runs on Friday and Saturday nights in September and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October. The park is open from 7 pm to midnight. Ticket prices vary greatly from as low as $22-37 for basic tickets online. Save money online. Check their website for discounts. This is a full entertainment park so come early and stay late.

Scarrigan Farms - Morresville, NC
Open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in October. This walking haunted trail takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. Scarrigan Farms has a number of special theme attractions such as The Funhouse, 3D Maze, Tragic Bus, and the Corn Maze on their 130 acre farm. Tickets go on sale at 6:30. See what they have done to transform their farm into the scariest place in the region.  Check web page for additional Thursday and other nights they are open.  This is the Halloween season attraction for the popular amusement park Carrigan Farm.

The 13th Acre - Monroe, NC
Their season begins in late September. Expect to be terrified. The 13th Acre is a walking haunted trail through the woods. It is open every Friday and Saturday nights in October. The attraction is open from dark until 11:30 pm. They also have a combo ticket with Aw Shucks Farms for $18 which runs a non-haunted corn maze.

The 901 Nightmare - Edgemoor, SC
Nightmare is back for the 2019 season with lots of new scares. Tickets are $15 most nights. Attraction runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights plus Halloween in October.  Doors open at 7:30 pm. This is an outdoor attractions featuring blood and lots of it. Fear and fright are not an option.

The Haunted Forest at Sycamore Lodge - Jackson Springs, NC
Sorry folks but The Haunted Forest will not open this fall due to the virus issues.  Begins nightly at 7:30p-11:30p. All profits from this non-profit event go to the Lymphoma Society. Make a difference and have a spooktacular time!

The Haunted Pyramids - Lawndale, NC
Haunted Pyramids is open every Friday and Saturday from late September through early November.  Tickets are $25.  Check online for dates of Fright Nights as tickets are just $20.  They have 4 large indoor haunts at one location.  They are open even in the rain.  They bring you scares every night. They have run this for attraction for 20 years.  It opens at dark and closes when all have left.

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