Halloween Haunted Houses in Colorado


The haunted houses in Colorado can be a frightening experience at Halloween time.  Funtober lists the best haunts featuring haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted corn mazes, and haunted hayrides.  Each October Halloween brings scary entertainment to Colorado.  Our list below has lots of demons, zombies, creatures, and monsters named Freddy and Jason to terrify you.  Enjoy an October night out with your friends at a local scream park.

Funtober also lists  America’s Best Top 100 Haunted Houses in 2013 (with videos).  Check out the video and listing of local haunts near you.

So if you must go to a Colorado haunted house in 2014, park your vehicle close, leave the doors unlocked, and prepare to flee quickly!  Zombies are everywhere.  We have separate attraction links and listings for haunted houses USAhaunted corn mazes, haunted trails, haunted zombie paintballhaunted forests, haunted hayrides, and ghost tours.

Denver Haunted Houses

Denver was founded during the gold rush at Pike’s Peak, Colorado’s capital and largest city has a number of quality haunted houses.

Elitch Gardens Fright Fest – 2000 Elitch Circle, Denver, Colorado 80204
Elitch Fright Fest consists of four haunted houses located on the grounds of the Elitch Gardens theme park.  Elitch is family by day and fright by night.  It is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from October 5th through October 27th.  The park has a science lab that works with radioactive materials.  Test creatures have escaped and are roaming the grounds.  Save money on Elitch Gardens tickets and buy online for arount $34.  The attractions include Ghouls motel, Scream it out, Trick or Treat trail, Vulture, Hay Maze, Hurl, The Awakening, and Freak Show.  They also have three very scary attractions called Flesh Factory, Terror Chamber, and Séance for a separate Fright pass for $15 per person.

Asylum Haunted House – 6100 E. 39th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80207
The Asylum is one of the scariest and most popular attractions in the country.  It is produced by the group that brings us the 13th Floor and Undead.  At The Asylum, you’ll also get access to Zombieland.  Asylum is a 15,000 square foot haunt.  This is themed as a mental hospital for the insane.  Damp, musty, and infected with spiders, rats, snakes, and the screams of the tortured souls make this an exciting attraction. Expect to come into contact with live scary animals.  Tickets are $25 each day.  Doors open at 7 pm.  The attraction is open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September 27th through November 2nd plus the added dates of the 9th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th, and 30th.  They also have a $45 combo ticket for entry into Zombieland, 13th Floor, and Undead Haunted House.

13th Floor Haunted House - 4120 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO 80216
This legendary attraction is open every night from October 3rd through November 2nd.  They are also open on Friday and Saturday nights on September 13-14, 20-21, and 27-29.  They run a blackout night on November 8th and 9th.  Check the nightly schedule but generally they are open from 7:30 until 10:30 pm weeknights or 12 pm weekends.  Tickets are $25 for a ticket to 13th Floor which also gets you into the Undead attraction.  Expect to be terrified as they work hard to make you scream.

Undead Haunted House - 4120 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO 80216
The Undead replicates an actual farm house under siege by the walking dead.  Experience Zombie’s like never before.  The attraction is open Friday and Saturday nights on September 13-14, 20-21, 27-29.  It is open every night from October 3rd through November 2nd plus November 8th and 9th.  Doors open between 7 to 7:30 pm nightly.  Doors close at various times from 10:30 pm until midnight so check the schedule for the night.  Tickets are $25 which also gives you entry into the 13th Floor.

The Asylum, 13th Floor, and Undead are all with a 3.5 mile area.  A combo ticket for $45 gets you into all the attraction for a full evening of terror.

Haunted Vet & Maze of Terror - 4640 Pecos Street, Denver, CO 80211
Features freaky terror, live snakes and live reptiles.  It is open October 25th, 26th, 29th, 30th, and 31st.  Tickets for adults are $15.  Children are free.

Reinke Brothers Haunted Mansion - 5663 S. Prince St., Littleton, CO 80120
Now in it’s 40th year the Haunted Mansion features 30 rooms of cutting edge special effects and animatronics.  Tickets are $15.  Attraction is open every night from September 27th through November 3rd.  Friday open at 6 pm and close at midnight.  Saturday doors are open 3 pm until midnight.  Sunday hours are 3 pm until midnight.  All other nights are 6 pm until 10 pm.

Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch - 3184 S Parker Road, Aurora, CO 80014
Expect to find Jason, Leatherface, and Freddy as fear is lurking here and they live here for all eternity.  Curse is open September 27th and 28th and then every night from October 4th through November 2nd.  Tickets are $20.  This haunt is open Friday and Saturday from 7 pm to midnight.  All other nights it closes at 10 pm.

The 13th Door – 3184 S Parker Road, Aurora, CO 80014
The attraction is also located at the same address as Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch but as a separate haunted house.  It is housed in the Old Barrington hotel which once burned down.  Only one guest survived the fire.  He got out through the 13th door.  Can you find your way out? The 13th Door takes about 20 minutes to go through.  It is open every day from October 4th through November 2nd plus September 27th and 28th.  Doors open at 7 pm.  Tickets are $20. There is a combo package with Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch, The 13th Door, and The Black Hole ride all for just $25.

City of the Dead Haunted House – 7007 East 28th Avenue, Henderson, Colorado.
Frightening residents of the Henderson area, City of the Dead Haunted House is located at the Mile High Flea Market.  Legend has the City of Dead existing beneath the mile high city featuring relentless and hungry zombies.  The attractions are Carnival of Carnage and Zombie Games.  Carnival is advertised at Denver’s largest haunt.  Expect to find 30 themed scenes. City of the Dead runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September 27th through November 2nd plus October 17th, 24th, 28th, 29, and 30th.  It is open from 7 pm to 12 am on Friday and Saturday but closes at 11 pm all other nights.  Tickets are $20 for this 20 minute attraction.  They also have food, pepsi products and serve Coors light products.

The Frightmare Compound - 10798 Yukon Street, Westiminster, CO 80021
Frightmare consists of two haunted houses at the same location at 108th and Wadsworth Blvd. in Westminster: Frightmare and The House of Darkness.  They are open beginning September 27th, 28th, October 2nd and November 8th and 9th.  They are open every night from October 4th through November 2nd.  Doors open at 7 pm and close on Friday and Saturday at 12 am or all other nights at 10 pm.  The compound has an abandoned fun house that was moved here following a carnival massacre.  Spirits of the undead have returned with flesh eating clowns trolling for demented fun.  General admission tickets are $22.

Reapers Hollow - 11321 Dransfeldt Road, Parker, CO 80134 Located at Flat Acres Farms this attraction is an amazing haunted field walk through.  What lurks out in that field?  Expect to be scared.  Tickets are $15.  Doors are open from 7 pm until 10 pm.  Attraction runs on October 12-13, 17-19, 24-26, and Halloween night.

Creepy Walk In The Woods - 1750 Savage Road, Loveland, CO Hard to beat a scary walk in the woods for fright fun.  Now in it’s 5 year, Creepy Walk will be open from 7 pm until 11 pm on October 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th.  Tickets are $12 for adults.  They have a children’s walk on the 26th from noon until 4 pm for $5.

Field of Corpses - 13251 W. 64th Avenue, Arvada, Colorado 80004.
This is a great 30 minute haunt attraction based on what happened during the fall harvest of 1801?  Doors open at dusk and run on Friday and Saturday until midnight.  During the week it closes at 10 pm. Field of Corpses runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September 27th through November 2nd plus the 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st.  Tickets are $16.  This is one of the best scary haunts anywhere making it very popular so expect to find long wait lines on the weekends.

Haunted Field of Screams - 104th and Riverdale Road, Thornton, Colorado
The Haunted Field of Screams features 3 haunt attraction named Dead Man’s Night Maze, Zombie Paintball Massacre, Haunted Field of Screams and 35 acres of haunted cornfield.  It runs Fridays and Saturdays until midnight.  On Thursday and Sunday they close at 10 pm. Tickets are $20 for the find your way out Dead Man’s Night Maze.  Tickets are $20 to shoot in the Zombie Paintball Massacre.  The corn field haunt tickets are $20.  There is a combo ticket with all three attractions for $40.  Parking is free.

Terror in the Corn - 6728 County Road 3-1/4, Erie, Colorado 80516
Terror might be my favorite fright entertainment haunt in Colorado.  It is located on the Anderson Farm that during the day operates a fall festival featuring a mine car ride, spider web, tire mountain, corn maze, farm animals, pumpkin launcher, a general store and a concession stand. Anderson Farms at night runs Terror in the Corn witch has a Haunted Hayride, Ghost Town, Haunted Trail and Zombie Paintball Haunt.  Expect to find ghoulish creatures, chainsaws, and snakes.  The Zombie Paintball ticket is $20.  The Haunted Hayride attraction ticket is $20 and includes everything in the Anderson fall festival.  The combo package ticket is $35 for the fall festival, paintball, and hayride attractions.  They are open every day at the farm from September 27th through November 2nd.  The Frights run Friday and Saturday nights until 11 pm or most Thursday and Sunday nights until 10 pm.

Sorry folks but the 303 Haunts consisting of four haunted houses. Primitive Fear and 13th St Manor are located in Commerce City, while Autumn and the Realm of Terror are located in Bennett will not be open in 2013.

Fort Collins Haunted Houses

Sorry folks but Scream Theme will not be opening Destination Terror, Nightmares or Unit 13 this year.

Morbid Nights - 2050 Greely Mall, Greely, Colorado 80631.
Morbid Nights is located to the east of Fort Collins at the Greely Mall.  It is advertised as “Northern Colorado’s Scariest Haunted Attraction.”  It runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from September 21st to October 31st.  Doors are open at 7 pm and close at 11:30 pm.

Colorado Springs Haunted Houses

It should come as no surprise that there would be a few ghosts hanging around the home of NORAD and the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Haunted Mines – 225 North Gate Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80921
The Western Museum of Mining and Industry opens up this haunt attraction to visitors every year. In 2011, the attraction raised over $100,000 for charity. Haunted Mines runs September 20th, 21st, 27kth, and 28th for a $10 ticket price.  In runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from October 3rd through October 31st plus the added dates of October 20th, 27kth, 23rd, and 30th.  Also open on November 1st and 2nd.  Doors open at 7:30 pm.  Tickets range from $10 to $18 depending on the date.

Scream Acres Haunted Corn Maze - 20861 CR 33, LaSalle, CO 80645
Fritzler Farms operates Scream Acres from September 21st through November 2nd.  They operate daytime non scary corn mazes with haunting activities starting after 6 pm nightly.  Attraction is closed Monday and Tuesday but open every other night.  Friday’s it runs from 5 pm until 10 pm.  Saturdays from 11 am until 10 pm.  Wednesday and Thursday hours are 5 pm until 9 pm.  Sunday hours are noon until 6 pm for a non scary attraction.  A combo ticket costs $20 for the haunted corn maze, pillow jump, slide, pumpkin cannon, corn cannon, and regular corn maze.  They also have zombie paintball for $20.

Rocky Mountain Hauntfest - 3910 Palmer Park Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Ghosts Gulch and Mind Seizure have joined together at Rocky Mountain Haunt Fest for two great attractions.  Tickets are $18 each attraction or a $30 combo ticket for both.  Attractions are open September 13-14, 20-21, 27-28, October 3-6, 10-13, 17-20, 24-27, 29-31 and November 1st and 2nd.  Doors open at 6:30 or 7 pm most nights and close at 10 pm or 11 pm.  Check website for hours.  Expect to see lots of real snakes and live spiders.

Hellscream Haunted House - 3021 N Hancock Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Now open for 5 years this multi story, multi attraction haunt features cutting edge special effects.  Attraction is open from 6:30 pm to 11 pm on Friday and Saturday or 10:30 pm other nights.  Visit Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from October 3rd through the 27th plus the 28th through 31st.  Tickets are $20 on Friday and Saturday or $18 on other nights.

Pueblo Haunted Houses

Pueblo is the Colorado city named for the communities of Native Americans in the Southwestern United States is quite a ghost town.

Hell’s Trail - 40320 Olson Road, Avondale, Colorado 81022.
Hell’s Trail is almost one mile of sheer terror.  It operates Friday and Saturday night from 7 pm to 12 am on October 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th.  Tickets are $10.

Aftermath Haunted House – 575 Ash Street, Cannon City, Colorado 81212
For those who live west of Pueblo or south of Colorado Springs, there a great haunt in Canon City.  Aftermath Haunted House runs on Saturday, October 12th, 19th, and 26th at 575 Ash Street, Cannon City, Colorado 81212.

We also list ghost tours, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and home haunted houses on separate pages.

Home Haunts (New List of Home Haunted Houses for Halloween 2014)

Arvada – Mournful Manor 6099 W. 84th Pl., Arvada
Aurora – Darkrose Manor 3930 S Yampa St., Aurora

Best Haunted Houses in Colorado

  1. Elictch Gardens Fright Fest – Denver, Colorado
  2. Asylum Haunted Hill – Denver, Colorado
  3. Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch – 3184 S. Parker Road, Aurora, Colorado 80014.
  4. The 13th Floor – 4120 Brighton Blvd., Denver, Colorado 80216
  5. The 13th Door – 3184 S. Parker Road, Aurora, Colorado 80014.
  6. Undead Haunted House – 4120 Brighton Blvd. – Denver, CO
  7. City of the Dead Haunted House – 7007 E 88th Avenue, Henderson, Colorado 80640
  8. Field of Corpses – 13521 W 64th Avenue, Arvada, Colorado 80004
  9. Haunted Field of Screams – Thornton, Colorado
  10. Terror in the Corn – Erie, Colorado
  11. Morbid Nights – Greeley, Colorado
  12. Haunted Mines – Colorado Sprins, Colorado
  13. Hell’s Trail – Pueblo, Colorado
  14. Frightmare Compound – 10798 Yukon Street, Denver, Colorado 80021
  15. Reinke Bros. Haunted Mansion – Littleton, Colorado
  16. Scream Acres – LaSalle, Colorado
  17. Reapers Hollow – Parker, Colorado
  18. Haunted Vet & Maze of Terror – Denver, Colorado
  19. Creepy Walk in the Woods, Loveland, Colorado
  20. Rocky Mountain Haunt Fest – Colorado Springs, Colorado
  21. Hellscream Haunted House – Colorado Springs, Colorado

State By State List of Halloween Haunted Houses

More Haunted Houses
Some times, the nearest haunted house to you may be across the state line of Colorado. If you reside by the boundary with another state, or that is where the closest big city is, there should be a haunted house that is worth considering there. So in addition to the Colorado haunted houses, I’ve identified these border states with haunted attractions for you to also consider.

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Haunted Houses in Texas
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Haunted Houses in Wyoming

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Haunted Houses in Colorado

Halloween Haunted Houses

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If you are the owner or employee of a haunted house on this list, or one I missed and need to add, I would love to have more information about the haunted house, photos, dates/times/hours for 2014, etc. Use the contact form to get in touch and I’ll tell you where to email your answers to these questions.


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